Unsatisfactory Job Performance Warning Letter

An unsatisfactory job performance warning letter in any organization or company warns its employees of his/her unsatisfactory performance in the work that is given to him/her.

In the letter, the company mentions that it has been keeping an eye on your performance since your joining. It also points out that it is mentioned in many committee meetings that you have been performing poorly in your assigned work.

In the letter, the company also mentions that on the very first day of joining you have been told that your performance in your work has a great role in your further promotion but you did not heed the parameters. Therefore, this kind of attitude may lead the organization to take a serious decision against you which may include your suspension or termination from the post.

In this warning letter, it is also mentioned that the organization has huge expectations from you so you must improve your performance. If you do not do so, then any serious decision will be taken against you. Therefore, you are given a chance to improve your performance and your performance will be evaluated in the following months.

So, you must try hard to mark a satisfactory impact on your performance. Furthermore, you are in dire need of improvement in your performance. Therefore, the company expects you to perform well and contribute to the growth of its name and fame.


I am writing this letter to issue you a warning letter for your unsatisfactory performance at work. It has been observed that your performance at work is not up to the mark and you have been deliberately doing the work half-heartedly.

Your reporting officer has placed several complaints regarding your work, and he informed us that you did not submit your project on time. You have been given several warnings by your manager, but you still showed no improvement.

You were assigned a project on 20th February which was to be submitted on a 12 hours’ notice however you have failed to submit that too. In addition, you did not report to the meeting in which all the officers were invited and therefore your end of the project could not be discussed.

I wish to let you know that this behavior shall not be tolerated and may result in the termination of your contract. This letter should serve as a last warning to you and hopefully, you will make amends. We hope to see an improvement in your work performance.

Please pay heed to the feedback that your reporting officer and manager give you and do your work accordingly. Try your best to meet the deadlines and if you are facing any issues, please communicate with us as soon as possible so your issue can be resolved. We look forward to your response.


Office Management.

Unsatisfactory Job Performance Warning Letter

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The office management has decided to issue you a warning letter for unsatisfactory job performance. It has been noted that you have not been meeting deadlines or performing well in the daily office tasks. You do not report your work-related updates to your reporting officer despite repeated warnings.

You do not accept any input from your superiors and insist on doing things your way. In addition, you have been involved in some policy-violating activities such as smoking inside the office premises, and have been caught giving cigarettes to other employees during work hours.

Your manager is unhappy with you and has approached the higher management to place a complaint regarding your conduct and overall job performance.

We would like to inform you that this behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. You are being issued a warning letter for this. Please be informed that after two warning letters, your contract is liable to be suspended indefinitely.

We hired you based on your good work record with your previous employer, and we wish to see the same performance with our organization too.

If you have any work-related issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can do our best to resolve them. We would regret to see you go because of petty issues.

Please pay heed to your manager’s advice and try to meet deadlines. We have arranged a meeting with you and your reporting officer so we can sit down and discuss this matter.

Unsatisfactory Job Performance Warning Letter

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Unsatisfactory Job Performance Warning Letter
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