Unsatisfactory Job Performance Warning Letter


Unsatisfactory job performance warning letter in any of the organization or the company warns its employee of his/her unsatisfactory performance in the work that is given to him/her. In the letter, the company mentions that it has been keeping an eye on your performance since your joining. It also points out that it is unfortunately mentioned in many of the committee meetings that you have been performing poorly in you assigned work. You have been the target of all meetings.

In the unsatisfactory job performance warning letter the company also mentions that on very first day of joining you have been told that your performance in your work has a great role in your further promotion but you did not heed to the following parameters. Therefore, this kind of attitude may lead to the organization to take a serious decision against you which may include your suspension or termination from the post.

In this warning letter, it is also mentioned that the organization has huge expectations from you so you must improve your performance. If you do not do so, then any serious decision would be taken against you. Therefore, you are given a chance to improve your performance and your performance will be evaluated in the following months. So, you must try hard to mark a satisfactory mark on your performance. Furthermore, you are in the dire need of improvement in your performance.

Therefore, the company expects from you to perform well and contribute to the growth of company’s name and fame.


Unsatisfactory job performance warning letter



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