Tender Submission Cover Letter

You might be overwhelmed because there are so many applicants, and you want to stand out. There are various strategies told by experts to help candidates get an edge over other candidates. Using a tender submission cover letter is one of the best strategies.

The cover letter that you submit while submitting the tender highlights all the reasons that have compelled you to submit a tender. After reading the cover letter, the reader comes to know why you should be given the project.

Best practices…

Some of the best practices are given below:

Give information about previous projects:

The reader often wants to know what kind of projects you have completed in the past. This will let him get the reader if you are suitable for his company or not. Discuss the name of the project, your major successes from the past, and everything that can help you win over the reader.

Write persuasively:

Some people decide to accept or reject the tender by looking at the cover page. So, you should be able to write it in a persuasive way. Tell the reader why your tender should be accepted or what value you can add to the project.


You should write in the cover letter that you are honest and professional, and you are keen to meet your commitments pertaining to the successful completion of the project.

Read the sample letters given below and find how to write your tender submission cover letter which is tailored to your needs.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Tender submission cover letter

Respected sir,

We are so happy to have this opportunity to submit a tender in response to your request for submission of the proposal through notice No. 5423432 issued by your company on 4th September 20XX.

We have studied the entire project you want to complete and have understood all the requirements of your company. We believe that we have a well-equipped and qualified team of professionals that can work on your project like a charm.

ABC Company has been serving its clients in the construction industry for more than 10 years now. Numerous construction projects have been completed by ABC Company during this time. We have excelled in the field of construction because of our ability to complete a wide array of projects for enterprises as well as for individuals.

Some of our proud customers include (mention the name of the company). We have completed a construction project for a hospital for this company.

We have attached a commercial and technical bid with this letter. Thank you so much for allowing us to submit a tender for a project initiated by your company. We will be so happy to serve your company with our best and most valuable services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any queries.


Subject: Tender submission cover letter

Respected sir/madam,

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. It is to notify you that we have submitted a document that also includes a bid for a project advertised in the newspaper on behalf of your company. The tender we are submitting includes the following information.

  1. Notice asking for bids
  2. Price of the bid
  3. Introduction of my company
  4. Terms and conditions of the agreement
  5. A copy of the complete agreement

We know that it is the right of your organization to fully accept or reject our tender bid. Furthermore, your company will not be held accountable for not accepting our tender. However, we would like to know a solid reason for rejecting our tender.

Also, if you are ready to sign a contract with us please read the tender document carefully as it has outlined all the terms and conditions based on which, we are ready to provide you with our services. We look forward to hearing from you soon.