Tender Invitation Letter for Construction

Different industries, particularly construction industries, often write tender invitation letters. The purpose of these invitation letters is to attract all those people to your construction project who want to work on it.

It is a formal invitation letter in which a company or individuals invites interested companies or vendors to come forward and present their bid.

People who want a qualified team of professionals to work on the construction project find this letter to be very useful as it enables them to see all the available bidders and then choose the one with the most suitable qualification and bid.

It can be a very cumbersome and lengthy process for an organization to find someone who is best for initiating the construction project. When they write the invitation letter, they easily get away with the process of finding a construction company as the right type of company reaches out to them automatically.

Basic guidelines for writing a professional tender invitation letter for construction?

  1. Try to write the letter comprehensively so that those who are being invited can know what you are expecting and whether they are invited or not.
  2. Write a letter separately for every individual you want to invite for tender.
  3. Research and gather information as to how you can communicate with various vendors through this letter.

Read the sample letters given below and learn how an effective tender invite can be written.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Construction tender invitation letter

This letter is being written to let you know that you are being invited to tender for a construction project initiated by our company. This construction project is based on a housing colony in an urban area. Our company wants to construct more than 100 houses in this colony. For this purpose, we require a well-established construction company that can show a solid commitment to work with us.

A tender document is attached to this letter. You are hereby requested to follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender document so that you can lodge the tender by showing compliance with rules and regulations. Please read the attachment carefully and send your queries to the concerned department.

If you have any questions regarding this tender, you can contact (Mr. ABC) at [X] the focal person of our company for managing tender invites. I am looking forward to your tender and working with you in the future. Wish you the best of luck.


Name of the sender
Sender’s designation in the company


Subject: Construction tender invitation letter

This letter is being written on behalf of (mention the name of your company’s owner) to invite you to lodge a tender regarding a construction project as we are looking for talented people with innovative ideas in the construction industry. Our company has initiated a construction program in the commercial area. We want the construction work to be professional and as per the requirements of our company.

Interested people are required to provide us with the following items so that construction work in the commercial area can be carried out seamlessly.

Item                                                                       description

________________                                        ____________________
________________                                        ____________________
________________                                        ____________________
________________                                        ____________________
________________                                        ____________________

This tender will last for a period of 3 years. You will be required to complete the project in 3 years. You are requested to lodge a tender as per the guidelines being shared with you through this letter. You are most welcome if you want to visit the construction site before submitting the tender. To know more about how to submit the tender and other relevant details, you can contact Mr. Johnson who is the manager of the company handling this project.

Thank you so much for your consideration. We look forward to your request. We wish you all the best for tender submission.