Email to Unsuccessful Bidder

A company that has previously published a tender notice on any platform receives bids from various potential businessmen. However, a company can’t entertain all of them. The one person is chosen whose bid is most liked by the company and then the rest of the bidders are rejected.

It is obvious to notify those people who have got the approval of their bid. The best practice is to write an email to unsuccessful bidders. This email lets them know that their bid was not successful. In general, people who are not selected get no response from a company. This lowers their morale, and they also start getting no interest in that company. This ultimately turns into the loss of a company.

To ensure that bidders don’t lose hope and apply next time again, the company writes them an email and lets them know that their bid was not successful.

A professional email

Inform the bidder about the failure of the gig:

Let the bidder know that you have not accepted his bid. Express some regret so that you don’t appear as someone who is rude or someone who does not respect the bids.

Discuss the underlying reason:

Let the bidder know about the reason that caused you to not choose his bid and accept someone else’s bid.

End positively:

In the end, send best wishes to the reader and positively close the letter.

Read the sample letter given below for getting a better understanding of the situation and written communication.

Sample email 1:


Respected Mr. ABC,

We received a bid document from you targeting our tender (mention the tender number). We are happy to see your interest in working with us. However, we feel immense regret to let you know that your bid (mention the bid number) was not successful.

We have accepted the tender based on the lowest bid. Unfortunately, you did not make the lowest bid considering our low-budget project.

We would like to say thanks to you for showing interest in working on the project initiated by our company. We are hopeful that we will get opportunities in the future to work with you.

A bid bond and a copy of your tender have been attached to this email. It would be so kind of you if you return the copy of the tender documents belonging to our company that you have in your possession.

We have found your company to be a very professional business and we would have chosen your bid if we didn’t have a tight budget. Your company’s profile is very strong and all the services you provide are outstanding.

If you want to know more about your unsuccessful bid, you can contact us via phone or email. We would be pleased to serve you.

Best regards,


Respected Mr. ABC,

We hope that this email finds you in the best health and spirit. You have submitted a tender application with a bid. We have thoroughly reviewed and analyzed your bid. After carefully reading the entire tender document, we have come to know that your bid is not suitable for our project as we have received a bid lower than the bid submitted by you and we wanted to accept the lowest one. It is to notify you through this letter that unfortunately, your bid could not make it.

We would like to let you know that we have reviewed your tender application, the cover letter as well as the entire profile of your company. We are so impressed to see your previous projects that were a huge success. However, currently, we are out of budget and cannot entertain tenders with high bids.

We hope that we will be able to work with each other in the future. We wish you the best of luck with all your achievements in the future. Please contact us for any queries.