Staffing Agency Introduction Letter to client

A staffing agency is a firm that supports other organizations while they are in their recruitment process. Many companies are unable to find the right candidate and therefore, they start relying on external firms that act like a third party and make a company meet the candidate who is most suitable for its vacancy position.

Whenever a firm initiates its business, it needs to attract clients to its business. For this purpose, they need to write an introduction letter to all those people who they can target while operating in the market.

How to write?

Writing an introduction is a bit tricky. Read the tips given below:

Write a short introduction:

This letter is based on the introduction of a firm that helps other companies to complete their hiring process. The introduction of the company should make the client understand what kind of services the company provides, what are basic operations it performs, how it can be helpful for the client, and much more.

Enlist the services you provide:

Make a short list of all the services your staffing agency provides. It is important to ensure that you have tailored the services to the needs of the client because the client reads the introduction letter with the perspective of how much value you can add to his business through your services.

Ask him to check reviews:

Give a description of your social media accounts where your previous clients have given a review of the services you have provided them. This will help you build trust.

Read the sample letter given below:


This is Miss Alex from San Diago. I am writing this letter to introduce my recruitment firm and its nature to you. We provide employees to companies whenever they have a vacant position. We try to ensure that we provide staff for almost every job role from management to administration. Please read the brief description of the services that we provide:

  1. Staffing services
  2. Reviewing applications of interested candidates
  3. Negotiating with candidates on salary

Since we work in the industry, we know different people who are in search of work, and therefore, we easily provide the required type of workforce to companies. We have an expert team of professionals who have been well-trained to be a part of our company. The best part of choosing us is that we charge very less as compared to other service providers in the market.

We understand that there are many challenges various companies have to face due to pandemics and many other problems. We always try to help our clients overcome those challenges and meet the staff they are looking for.

You are requested to please check the reviews of our past clients to know our trustworthiness.

If you are comfortable working with us, please contact us on 52XYZ3.


We are glad that we have got an opportunity to write to you. We have been running a recruitment company for 10 years. We provide our services of staffing to corporate firms. It is our responsibility to make it possible for various corporations to reach the right type of candidate they are on the lookout for.

We provide every kind of staff to corporations regardless of the department. Whether you need a manager or a cleaner, you will always have us to fall back on. We feel proud in serving our clients and satisfy them with our services. We always try to ensure that we are available to our clients whenever they need us.

Our team of recruiters is the most qualified and talented team and our charges are also very reasonable. In order to know about charges, service terms and conditions, you can contact us. Thank you so much for choosing us for your prestigious company.

Staffing agency introduction letter to client

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