Thank you Letter for Big Bonus

The best thing an employee can receive during his employment is a bonus. Every company promises a reward for employees so that they perform well and show positive results. Whenever employees contribute to the development and growth of the organization they are working for, they receive a reward in the form of a bonus. This bonus can be in any form including a raise in the salary, promotion to a higher position, and much more.

Showing gratitude is important because it shows that you have recognized the efforts of your boss. No one demands you to show gratitude. However, it is a demand of courtesy that you demonstrate feelings of thankfulness. It is a letter that an employee writes to his manager in order to say thanks to him for being so kind to him for giving bonus.

Tips for writing:

  1. Show gratitude in simple and plain words
  2. Remember that you are getting a bonus because your performance in the company has been exceptional, and it is a way the company has chosen to appreciate you. When you remember this point, you will be able to write better
  3. Tell the reader how you are feeling about receiving the bonus
  4. In the end, let the reader know that you will always try to meet his expectations and you will try to build a strong bond with him through your hard work and performance.

Below are two sample letters you can read to get a better understanding:


I am (mention your name) working in the sales department as a sales manager.

I have just received the bonus of 50% of my salary as a reward for showing exceptional performance at the end of the year. I am so happy to receive this bonus. I needed money this month and this bonus has helped me a lot in getting myself out of the financial crisis. The company has fulfilled its promise to give bonuses and I believe that I should also fulfill my commitment to the company to work with more diligence and enthusiasm.

I am so thankful to you for this act of kindness. Receiving a bonus has made me feel more appreciated and encouraged as meeting annual sales targets was an aim that I have been trying to fulfill for so long.  

Receiving a bonus from you has boosted my self-esteem and made it easier for me to achieve goals in my personal and professional life. Once again, thank you so much for this bonus. I will always try to fulfill your expectations in the future also.

Here is another sample letter.


I am (mention your name) working in the sales department as a sales manager for 5 years.

I am so happy to know that the company has decided to give me a bonus of Rs. 10,000/- this month for meeting the sales target for the year. The company has fulfilled its promise to reward its employees for meeting the annual sales target.

I really needed the bonus because I have been trying to meet this aim for 3 years and I started to feel disappointed. But my hard work and efforts are fruitful this year and they help me reap benefits.

I and my team are feeling so encouraged and motivated for getting the reward. I am now more active and driven toward my goals. We are now more optimistic, and we believe that we can now perform much better. I assure you that we will never make you regret this decision.

Thank you once again for giving me a bonus. I am very grateful to you for this. I am feeling proud to be a part of this organization and I hope that I will achieve more if I continue working here.

Thank you letter for big bonus

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