Reply in Thanks to Salary Increment Letter

The news of salary increment brings happiness and joy in the life of an employee as he often waits for this news. Companies generally promise to increase the salary of the individual every once a year. Sometimes, the increase in the salary also takes place due to the exceptional performance of the employee. The employee writes a thank you letter to his employer whenever he receives a letter in which he is informed about the salary increment.

As a matter of fact, no one demands you to say thanks to them. However, it is your ethical and moral responsibility to say thanks to your boss whenever he increases your salary. The increment in the salary definitely helps you in a lot of ways. You should be thankful for this decision of your boss.

How to write?

Be careful:

When you want to say thanks to your boss, make sure that you are careful with what you say and how. You should tell your boss that you are happy about the increment. You don’t need to mention how many times you asked for a pay raise as it is totally irrelevant.

Check the format:

Whenever you are addressing your boss in a letter, you should make sure that your letter looks like a letter. Therefore, knowing the format and putting the details in the right order is important.

Proofread before sending:

Make sure that the letter has no mistakes in it. So, proofread it thoroughly.


With due respect, this letter is being written in response to the salary increment letter I received two days ago. I would like to say thank you sincerely for this year’s increment. I was not expecting this at this stage of my life. Therefore, it has brought immense excitement and pleasure into my life.

I really needed an increment in my salary. You have mentioned in the increment letter that you have given me a raise due to my performance. I would like to say thanks to you for appreciating me and encouraging me by increasing my pay. This has really boosted my morale and made me feel so much acknowledged.

I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing team that works with me day and night for the development and prosperity of the company. I am hopeful that you will never regret this decision.


I am Mr. ABC, working as a sales manager in the sales department for 5 years. Two days back, I received a letter from the company in which I was informed about a 10% raise in my salary. I was told that the raise is due to my performance. 

I am so happy to know about the increment in my salary as I have been waiting for it for so long. I am glad that you have chosen to appreciate me with such a wonderful reward. Thank you so much for being so kind and gracious. 

It is the policy of the company to increase the salary on showing good performance and I am so impressed to see that you have stood by your words. This has really boosted my confidence in the company and its policies of any sort.

I am feeling so proud to be your employee and to get an opportunity to work under your supervision. You have taught me so much and it is due to your training and teaching that I was able to reach the target you set for me.

Thank you so much once again for deciding to increase my pay and for appreciating me in the salary increment letter. I promise you that I will give you many more opportunities to appreciate me by improving my performance and you will never regret taking this decision.

Reply in Thanks to Salary Increment Letter

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