Secret Santa Email to Project Team

The event of Christmas is one of the most awaited events of the year across the world. In the Christmas season, people prefer spending time with their families and friends. They enjoy delicious foods at different gatherings, visit different places. One of the most lovable activities that people enjoy at Christmas is playing games. Secret Santa is one of the most played games on the Christmas event.

Secret Santa emails for teams

If you want to make this Christmas event a little unique, you can choose to go for gift giving experience with your entire team. It would be great fun for you and all the team members to play this game with each other. In secret Santa game, bulk gift-giving is experienced.

What is secret Santa?

It is a kind of tradition that is followed at different places by people at Christmas event. in this game, people participating in it are asked to send a gift to someone they want. Note that the gift is sent anonymously. If the game is played among project teams, then those teams can share the gifts with these team members only.

The gifts given to others are generally small and inexpensive. The game continues until 25th December when people guess the names of the gift-givers.

What is a secret Santa email to project teams?

Secret Santa email is sent to all the members of the project teams in order to invite them to participate in the game. The best thing is that people can play this game remotely also. Therefore, the emails are sent to every team member no matter where he is working for the team. The email is sent by the supervisor or the company’s management to all the people working in the project teams.

Why the secret Santa email is sent to the project team?

Secret Santa is one of the most loved games for all the Christmas awaiting people. There is a number of ways in which people enjoy their Christmas holidays. They try to make every activity to be full of fun and joy. Many employers also play their role in making the Christmas event more enjoyable for all the employees. Similarly, the project managers also organize the secret Santa for all the people working in their supervision. The emails are sent for the following reasons:

  1. The email informs every team member about the game. Whether the team members work in the same physical place or remotely by residing in different parts of the country or world, they can be informed through the secret Santa email.
  2. The email defines all the rules of the game to all the team members. The emails are sent with a detailed explanation of the rules of the game.
  3. The email is sent to ensure that who wants to participate in the game and who does not. The email requires all the recipients to reply to the email in order to confirm whether they are participating in the game or not.

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