Employment Certificate Templates

Employment certificate or certificate of employment is a document that indicates and authenticates the employment record of an employee, who is either currently working in an organization or has left the organization and has become an ex-employee.

Although the two are different an employment certificate is often confused with the experience certificate. The later is a detailed certificate that states and indicates the employee’s experience, how well the employee has served the organization, what abilities, skills or expertise he owns and has acquired, etc., whereas the former only certify the employment record of an employee and states that the employee has served at a certain position in the organization for a certain duration.

Usually, when an employee leaves an organization, the employer issues the employment certificate to him as a verification of his employment with the organization for a certain period. At the same time, the employee, while being a current or an ex-employee, can request for such a certificate for various reasons, such as:

  • He wants to maintain a valid record of his employment history.
  • The employee is applying to some other organization.
  • The employee is applying for higher studies and needs to reveal his employment status to show experience.
  • He is applying for a loan, a mortgage or engaging in some financial transaction, for which he is required to submit his employment certificate.
  • He is applying for immigration or visa for business meetings, and the embassy requires a valid document that can indicate his employment.

The employment certificate is printed on the company letterhead and is duly signed and stamped by the authorized person. The format and design of the certificate can vary from organization to organization.

Generally, the organizations develop a format that is used to prepare a template. This template is editable, and every time an employment certificate has to be prepared for an employee, the template is used, by filling in the employee details, and the certificate is issued, without much needed time and effort. However, it is important that the certificate:

  • Is prepared diligently.
  • It should be professional and formal.
  • Needs to be Readable with the legible font style and size.
  • The use of colors, images, the text should be aligned with the company’s image.

Like the variation in format and design, the details included in an employment certificate can vary as well. Nevertheless, in all the certificates, the following general information is included:

  • The heading of or related to ‘Employment Certificate’.
  • Date of issuance.
  • Details of the employee, including name, position, employment time-period at the company, etc.
  • Details of the employer, including name, address, logo, etc.
  • Reason and purpose of certificate issuance.
  • Name, Signature, position, and stamp of the authorized person.

When the employment certificate is issued to an employee, even if it is not used immediately, it is kept in the record, which is maintained by the employee, so that the employee can use it in the future, whenever required.

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