Resignation Letter due to Toxic Work Environment

If you have come to the realization that you have been working in a toxic working environment with a great job in hand, you might feel you have had enough. At times, we keep facing a hostile work environment just because we need the money and we cannot afford to be jobless at this point in time. However, when we come to know that it has become too much for us to bear, we can decide to resign from our job. 

What is a resignation letter due to a toxic work environment?

If you think that you need to ease yourself by exiting the uncomfortable job, you can write a resignation letter. You have a right to move on if the work environment at the workplace is not healthy anymore and it is taking more than what it is giving you. 

It is always said that you should resign keeping the doors open for you. However, no one wants to return to such a kind of work environment. But still, you might need your employer for future recommendations and for clearing your dues. So, you need to be subtle when you resign because of an unhealthy work environment. 

Why should you write a resignation letter due to a toxic work environment?

When you resign, your employer starts the process of finding a replacement. Your resignation letter is not just a piece of writing that communicates your decision about leaving. Rather, it is a source of clearing lots of confusion such as your last day at the workplace, your reason for leaving, your advance notice period, and whatnot. 

The resignation letter also allows you to show gratitude or grievance depending on the situation that has compelled you to leave. However, writing the resignation letter on a positive note is considered good etiquette. 

How to write a resignation letter due to a toxic work environment?

Here are tips that you can follow for effectively writing this letter:

Mention the date of resigning:

The letter should be started by mentioning the date of formally resigning from the job. This is an important piece of information because it is kept as a record that on which date the employee resigned from his job. Additionally, the advance notice period is also considered to be started from the same date.

Mention the name of the employer:

Your resignation letter should address the right person because you want it to reach the right person. In case you don’t write to someone who is supposed to receive your resignation letter, you will end up wasting your resignation letter. Furthermore, your resignation letter serves as a message for your boss. When you tell your boss that the environment at the workplace is unhealthy, you make your boss think about it, and thus, the job of other co-workers becomes easier.

Mention your reason for leaving:

It has been told earlier that it is not important at all to mention the reason for leaving. However, when you are sick of the unhealthy work environment and you believe that it is taking the mental peace of the people away, you must specify this reason.

If there is someone responsible for making the workplace environment toxic, you must mention the name of that person. Your boss might take necessary actions to make the work environment healthy all over again.

Brief description of the problem:

Telling your employer that the workplace environment is toxic is not enough. It will leave lots of question marks in the mind of the employer.  So, it is better to describe how the environment at the workplace is not healthy and what has caused them to take this decision. You should write this part of the letter in such a way that it can compel your boss to investigate the matter.

Show gratitude at the end:

Just like any other resignation letter, this letter should also express gratitude. Even if you are feeling mentally drained, you can always show gratitude just to maintain a good relationship with your boss as you might need his recommendation or reference in the future for getting a good job.

Sample Letter

Re. Resignation from the Designation of Assistant Manager HR on Account of a Toxic and Disruptive Work Atmosphere

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter serves as a resignation notice effective after two working weeks i.e. from 2nd April 20XX.

I am Bill Stake from the Department of Human Resources. I am working as an Assistant HR Manager since September 2019 in this organization. I have spent almost one and a half years working here. It was temperate and appealing when I joined in. After spending a year and a half, I am confronted with a bad work environment here. I am regretful to submit my resignation notice on account of the toxic and disruptive workplace environment.

Every business is successfully run through a professional working ambiance and executive communicative headship. I am sorry to state that the organization has been involved in several internal politics. Moreover, there is a total dearth of professional communication, competent headship and supervision, and defective policies amidst the lockdown and COVID-19.  

In the wake of all of this, I do not feel comfortable working here anymore. I already complained about the environment and other relevant issues several times but no heed was paid thereby. I, therefore, submit my resignation officially and in compliance with the resignation policy. I assure you that I will keep myself punctual, responsible, and engrossed in the work like before till the date of effectiveness of my resignation.

Thanks in anticipation for reviewing my letter.


Bill Stake
Assistant HR Manager
David V-Star Groups
H-702, Lax Township, Bakersfield

Resignation Letter due to Toxic Work Environment

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