Letter to Boss to Discontinue Job Due to Toxic Workplace Environment

Letter Sample -1

This letter is to inform you that I do not want to be part of your company any longer. I am quitting my post as accounts manager due to obvious reasons.

I do not like the working atmosphere of the organization as I am getting a lot of negativity. My colleagues try to engage me in baseless arguments after I have been promoted to accounts manager. They use abusive language and scream at me which is extremely unbearable for me. I want mental peace and I cannot get it here due to the belligerent attitude of the workers.

Today is my last working day in the office and I request you to accept this letter as my resignation. I beg pardon for letting you know this in a hurry and I believe that you will not let this happen again to anyone. I learned many things as an employee here that enhanced my working experience. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Letter Sample -2

With due respect, I am penning this letter to say humble thanks to you for providing me with incessant guidance. You enhanced my working skills and made me capable to grasp tough situations in a professional way. For the past few months, I remain mentally upset due to a lot of negativity at the workplace. The workplace environment is not suitable to work now as I have been accused of theft.

I know this was pre-planned to degrade me in your eyes. I do not want to waste myself in a toxic environment and I will look forward to a job in another organization. I hope you will accept my request and will forgive me for the disruption my absence will create.

Letter Sample -3

I am writing this to let you know that I will no longer serve as a sales manager in your organization. After getting the best employee award of the year, my colleagues started creating hatred against me.

Whenever I pass by them, they shout at me and behave in an abusive way. It is not possible for me now to continue work here. From [mention date], I will not come to the office and this is my final decision.

I am very uneasy in writing this message but I must tell you that you are a great mentor. Your guidelines will help me a lot in the next role I will assume. I humbly thank you for giving kind consideration to this request.

Letter Sample -4

With a heavy heart, I am letting you know that I am discontinuing my job in your organization. I am letting you know two weeks earlier as it is the company’s policy to inform before time. It was very difficult for me to come to this decision but the circumstances made me do so. My work productivity was getting affected badly due to the negative criticism I was receiving.

My teammates did not provide me with proper guidelines about the project. In the end, they blamed me entirely for its failure. I am the kind of person who always gives his best but this recent incident has badly affected my reputation. It has made me highly stung and timorous and I am not focusing on work properly. This is not good for my career and I believe to quit my job from here.

I hope you will understand my situation. I want to thank you for guiding me and trusting my abilities throughout these years.

Letter Sample -5

This message aims to leave my post of project manager on [mention date] due to an unhealthy workplace environment. I joined this organization considering that I will pullulate in the business field. You helped me a lot in growing and achieving many targets. The recent appreciation I have received from HR has paved the way for a lot of negativity. It has made me uncomfortable and has distorted my peace of mind.

I am not focusing on any task as my teammates have started talking badly about me. I cannot continue to work in this malevolent environment. I understand that this is unprofessional to inform you at the eleventh hour but I was left with no option. I have always admired you for being a magnificent boss and you instilled great abilities. I want you to consider this message and I apologize for causing disruption.

Letter to boss to discontinue job due to toxic workplace environment