Email of Reschedule of Meeting due to Unavailability of Participants

In the office setting, we formally write different emails in order to inform people of important decisions that a company makes. Email is one of the fastest and most effective modes of communication between two persons working in a company. They can share information of different kinds depending on the situation. 

Meetings are organized in a company so that people can have constructive discussions with each other and come to terms before a company decides to take any action. For these meetings, the participation of every person is considered mandatory because the point of view of every person adds to the final decision of the company. If participants are not available to take part in a meeting, the company often reschedules the meeting. The rescheduling is communicated by sending an email to every person who is affected by the rescheduling. 

When to write an email about meeting rescheduling?

People usually write an email to reschedule when it is decided that the meeting that was scheduled earlier cannot be convened right now because many people are absent from the meeting. Concerned people need to write the email a considerable time before the actual day of the meeting so that people also change their plans accordingly. 

How the email of the meeting rescheduling is be written?

As a professional individual, you should know how you should communicate several decisions of the company, especially such decisions that you know might offend people. Here are some tips to follow:

Add a meaningful subject:

Rescheduling a meeting is a very important decision that everyone should know about. Some people don’t check their emails regularly and some don’t open an email unless it has a meaningful subject. Therefore, you should specify in the subject that you are writing to inform everyone about the postponement of the meeting and re-planning the timing. 

Make it clear:

As soon as you start the body of the email, let everyone know that you have decided to reschedule the meeting. For referencing purposes, mention the old date and time of the meeting and then mention that it is going to be postponed for any reason.

It is necessary to communicate the purpose of postponement also because it might offend several people as they must have other plans also. Discuss why some of the participants are not able to make it to the meeting and then mention that their presence is mandatory. This will let everyone know that rescheduling makes sense. 

Apologize for causing inconvenience:

No matter how early you have informed people about the new timing of the meeting, it always causes them inconvenience because they have to readjust their all plans. So, you must send apologies also through email so that the recipient can feel that you respect their time and value their presence in the meeting. 

Sample email:

Subject: Reschedule of meeting

Respected staff, 

This email is being written to inform you that the meeting that was supposed to be held tomorrow at 8 am is going to be postponed due to the unavailability of several participants. People who had to come from another city are one day late because their flight was late. 

There are so many crucial matters that we would like to discuss in the meeting with all the branch managers. Their absence will be a loss for us because they will not be able to participate in the meeting and have a discussion. Due to this, we will have to reschedule the meeting.

Please accept my apologies for causing inconvenience to all of you. 

Please let me know if you will be available at (mention the available time). If this time is not suitable for you, please let me know which time will be best for you so that we reschedule the meeting at that time and ensure that each and every participant makes it to the meeting without any inconvenience.

I would like to apologize again for causing you trouble by rescheduling the meeting because of not having all the participants in the meeting. 

Thank you, 

Name of the sender.

Designation in the company.

Email of Reschedule of Meeting due to Unavailability of Participants

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