Eid Milan Party Messages

Message #1

Hello George. Hope your Eid holidays are going well. I have planned an Eid Milan party for my college friends at Xinhua Restaurant, Valley Stream. There is going to be great fun and the dress code is black and white. I have made all the arrangements to make this event a memorable one. There would be mouth-watering food and beverages. For amusement, I have arranged a small musical event but the singer would be each one of us. The rest of the activities have been kept secret. We are getting together after a long time and I want to leave no stone unturned in making the party beautiful. 

Message #2

I came to know from Steward that you have come for holidays in Manchester. I got very excited to know this as it has been a long time since we have seen each other. I have come up with an exciting plan to celebrate Eid this time. We will arrange an Eid Milan party and will invite our old friends to be part of this wonderful event. We will revive our school memories and will share our professional journey stories. I have talked to Ramsay and Milan and they are agreed to it. I hope you will have no objection to it and will join us on [mention date].

Message #3

Dear staff, please be informed that you all are invited to the Eid Milan party I am hosting on [mention date]. This will be a separate event apart from your work routine. You are free to wear any dress of your choice but keep in mind the dress ethics. The party will get started at 3 pm and will end at 6 pm. Waiting to see you all at the party.

Message #4

As the Eid holidays have been announced you all will resume office on [mention date]. I wish you a great Eid holiday. This message is going to grab your intention as I have planned a beautiful get-together for my staff. There will be an Eid Milan party after you will come consuming the holidays.

The arrangements will be made by me and you have to follow the themed dress for the party. On common days, we remain so busy in our work routine that we do not get time to know each other. This party will provide us with an opportunity to know more about our colleagues. I hope you will get excited after this news.

Message #5

Dear Matilda, I am very happy in writing this message to you as my mother has arranged an Eid party on [mention date]. As you know that my cousins gather at my place every Eid and I am inviting you to the same. My mother cooks delicious food items for the guests and everyone loves it. We have chosen pink and purple colors as the dress code. The party will start at 4 pm and will continue till night. I hope you will accept my invitation and will grace the event with your presence.

Message #6

ABC Organization is happily inviting its valuable employees to the Eid Milan party that will be held on [mention date]. I was planning it for the past two or three years but there were restrictions imposed on large gatherings. Finally, this time all the arrangements have been made for the party and you will love attending it. You do not need to submit any dues as the party is thrown by our esteemed CEO. I want all of you to be part of it and must follow the timings.

Message #7

Hope things are good on your side. I immensely miss your company and the beautiful time we have spent together. We have been so busy in our lives that we seldom get time to meet each other. I will be in Canada this Eid and Manish has told me that you are also in Canada these days. Then why not have an Eid Milan party?

Do you remember that we used to have a lot of amusement at our childhood Eid party? I want to create those happy memories with you again. The weekend will suit all of us as will be free then. The thought of it is making me crazy as I am going to meet my childhood best friend. I hope you will accept the invitation and will come to my place.  

Eid Milan party message