Letter for Outstanding Payment Settlement


Re. Proposal to Accommodate and Resolve the Problem of Outstanding Payment w.r.t. Invoice No. 34908-d8 and Notification No. UCS-0090.

I am Robert Herrick, the Manager of the KXC Group of Industries. I am penning to draft out a settlement for the long-term problem of outstanding payment of the outsourcing of workforce w.r.t the contract no. 67-9U. According to the contract, you owe us a payment of $30,000 to be paid in three months’ installments plan.

The first two installments have been paid in time and hence share no trouble or complication. The trouble has been caused by the third and final installment in which our company received only an amount of $2000 and $8000 remained unsettled. We received a letter from you that consisted of the details and reasons for the delay in the payment. According to your official website, all the projects have been closed because of internal affairs of the company complemented with presidential impeachment.

On account of your third notification i.e., notification no. 34092, your company is in no position to pay the outstanding dues within the intimated time. Therefore, we have designed and patterned another contract in which the payment can be paid within a period of one year without burdening the company’s finance considerably. While designing this proposal we kept in view the financial state of your organization and other matters relevant. This contract layout a plan of a one-year payment method with an interest of 4% only.

In this way, your company will be able to pay back the lent amount and no other legalities will be needed impending. It is recommended to look and scrutinize the recommencement of the contract and respond accordingly as soon as possible. For your convenience, I have attached copies of the former and current contracts along with illustrations related to the outstanding amount.

You can contact us via email at [email] or call us at +[X]. I thank you in anticipation for considering and reviewing this.


Robert Herrick
KXC Group of Industries
B-11, Santa Claus Square, San Diego, California, USA

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Re. Apprising and Signing in to Sort out Outstanding Payment Since November 2020 w.r.t. the Project Electra-Sem Referring Contract B-109

Dear Claudius,

This letter serves as an official apprising notice to settle the outstanding payment w.r.t invoice no. 23-0092. The deadline to pay the outstanding amount was 23-01-20XX. On notifying the delay, our representative was told that the company is unable to pay the outstanding amount because of a negative return in the business. It was also added that this is an aftermath of the COVID-19 and resultant long-term lockdown in the state.

As we both the companies belong to the corporate sector, therefore, we have prepared a proposal to make the method convenient and as flat as a pancake. To assure this convenience, we request you to look at the emulated sample contract. According to the contract, both the companies can agree and regulate the payment on the new spell of duration. The designed contract has been patterned keeping in view your company in hornet’s nest.

However, in the world of corporate business, we all go through issues and confront several intricate complications. During such times, we are in a trial to take sane decisions and make the already-complicated problem less baffling and cumbersome. Therefore, we request you to look at the attempt of our team to make the outstanding payment possible and settle the payment in the given time.

We thank you in anticipation and appreciate your team for having a sound professional approach. Please contact our Executive Head of Administration for more at [email].


Rowden Hayfield
The General Manager
Dura Lights KC Group of CA
N-79, Lockhart square, Miller Street Road
Berkeley, CA, USA

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