Friendly Payment Reminding Letter


Re. A Gentle Reminder of the Due Payment Which Was to be Paid on 23-02-20XX Concerning the Purchase of Hoovers for the Mega Store, CA

This is Simon Erick, the Assistant Finance Manager from the High Street Manufacturers, San Diego, California. I am writing this letter to you to give a gentle reminder of the due payment you owe to our company with reference to invoice no. 309-C (please find the copy enclosed). This reminder means to remind and elaborate on the inconvenience that might cause due to the concerning delay.

The payment is related to the order of the hoovers for the Mega Store branch no. 10 (Bile Road branch) of your company. The said project was signed on 11th December 20XX and the delivery was to be made on 30th January 20XX which was delayed because of the unavailability of courier services for the sake of delivery due to strict lockdown in the state. Therefore, the order was dispatched on 20th February 20XX and delivered on 22nd February 20XX. The remaining payment was $40000 which was to be paid on 23rd February 20XX. Till the day I am writing this to you (8th March 2021), the due payment has not been paid yet.

To make the payment convenient for you I have attached the company’s official account details and the method of payment. The long-overdue needs to be paid before 13th March 20XX to avoid any inconvenience further. Please refer to invoice no. 309-C for further details or call us at +[X] for any queries. We would highly appreciate it if you submitted the said amount before 13th March 20XX.

Thank you in anticipation.

Simon Erick
Assistant Finance Manager
 High Street Manufacturers
 37-C Jowl Raw Street, M3 Industrial State Town
San Diego, California

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Re. An Amicable and Benign Reminder of the Due Payment Outstanding Since February 2021 Referring to Invoice # 1302 and Contract Registration # 120

This is Laura, the finance secretary of Associate Consultancy and Groups. We have been working with your company on several projects and I am delighted to know that this professional amity has been living extensively and utterly with great amity and competent teamwork. I have penned to remind you of an overdue payment outstanding to your company since 15th February 20XX.

Both the companies signed the project of ALTIS-11 on 2nd January 20XX in which we provided complete consultancy and absolute team planners. The total payment owed to you was $700,000. An amount of $500,000 was paid to the company on 10th January 20XX whereas the remaining amount was to be paid till 15th February 20XX excluding the RMP amount of $300.

We have neither received any amount from your company nor any notification or letter of request to extend the time. Please let us know about your further plans and make the submission before 20th March 20XX to avoid any inconvenience. We also provide installment plans for payments on different terms. Contact us at or +[X]. Thank you.


S. T. Laura
Finance Secretary
Associate Consultancy and Groups
B-170, Edward Road Avenue, Lax Caster
San Diego, CA, USA

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