Product Introduction Letter to Customer


Re. Introducing the New Fragrances to the Store as Latest Summer Collection to Update the Storehouse

I am highly delighted to inform you that Synergy Fragrances have launched its new collection of perfumes, body mists, and fragrance oils. We are honored and highly obliged by the valuable response you have always been giving us.

We thank you for the support and valuable feedback on the sample reactions and responses by our worthy customers. While producing new products, we aim to assert quality and customer satisfaction as a priority. We are also up to enhance the quality and efficiency of our products. We are sending you a sample of lilac perfume, a body mist, and fragrance oil. We would acknowledge your worthy and esteemed response. Your feedback will be recognized and considered while updating and finishing the product shape.

Lilac is a fragrant mixture of cold and soft smell which is exotic and divine at the same time. The fragrance is specifically prepared for the summer a mixture of sweet and delicate scents. The scent is compounded and refreshing keeping in view the seasonal effect.

We will offer a discount of 20% if you preorder the product. Please let us know about your reaction/feedback. We thank you for your esteemed consideration and faithful customer-loyalty.

Please respond to [email].


Synergy Fragrances
B-90 VC Square, Nelson Taylor Avenue
California, USA

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Re. Introducing and Inaugurating the Apparel Collection for Sale as Winter-Delights

Dear Customer,

I am taking pride in announcing that we have officially launched our latest product which is named as Winter-Delight in SK Groups. Our winter collection is ready to refashion and popularize the clothing and fashion industry.

This winter collection has been prepared by the foreign designers of Turkey and Italy to touch the apparel with cultural and traditional looks with modern keystone in it. Then the designs have been approved by the SIGNA FORA industrial designer and got the certification of excellence. We have been working with the aim of customer satisfaction and efficiency in quality. Being a long-term loyal customer, we recommend you try our new collection and suggest further. Your feedback will be appreciated highly.

Our department of marketing and product development is working on making it efficient and more accessible almost all over the USA. The innovative ideas and amalgamation of traditional/cultural and modern designs provide an immensely impressive outlook.

We are looking forward to organizing an event for our loyal customers like you where we would present our latest designs with beautiful and gorgeous models clad with the designs of SK-Group. Our executive head is also very trailblazing in her revolutionary ideas and practice of mixing cultures and boundaries through her artistic designs and clothes.

We are offering considerable discounts and packages to our customers who will preorder in bulk. We have attached the pictorial glimpses of designs freshly launched for your convenience. Please let us know if you feel engrossed or interested in our latest products. Please do not hesitate to write to us at [email].

We thank you in anticipation.


K-902, Limestone Road, Harvard Street,
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston, USA

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