Release Letter for Transfer


Re. Release Letter for the Transfer of Mr. Keller from FAXC Groups to be affected from 20-03-20XX

This is certified that Mr. Keller has been working in FAXC Groups, San Diego since 23rd November 20XX as an Assistant Manager in Human Resources with respect to contract # 5069. He has completed his working period in a very impressive, professional, and proficient manner. He is a competent and dependable individual to work with. His sense of understanding the nature of the required steps in his work is splendid.

He worked in Human Resource Management from 23rd November 20XX to 10th March 20XX. During this time, he proved himself to be an industrious and competent company. We have been fortunate to have his services in the company. He helped us a lot in building new and technical systems of management and provided us with profound ideas in taking our management department one step ahead.

We hereby state that Mr. Keller has been a responsible and hardworking worker in the company. We, officially, declare the relief of Mr. Keller from the company and allow him to join any other company/organization of his own will. Please delightedly communicate with us through or call us at +[X] for further.


FAXC Groups
I-10, Jackstar Square, Liam Fresh Road
San Diego, CA, USA

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Re. Relieving Mr. Fisher from the Designation of Teacher (STP-6) from MSK Grammar School

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is informed that the authorities of MSK Grammar School, San Diego have relieved Mr. Fisher from the designation of a teacher in the STP grade 6. He is relieved on account of his request as he does not want to continue his work as a visiting teacher anymore after finding an opportunity in another well-reputed institute.

Mr. Fisher has worked for more than thirteen months and during this period he remained very responsible, professional, and hardworking. He taught Basic French Grammar to grade V, VI, and VII. His contract that came into effect on 2nd December 20XX gives the complete right to the employee to resign from the work anytime the person wants. The contract was to be ended in December 20XX but according to the submitted letter of Mr. Fisher, he wants to be relieved from here and clear out after the required certification.

It is certified that no dues are payable on behalf of Mr. Fisher and no other matter is unsettled. He has also returned all the school’s property in fair condition. Hence, there is no liability on Mr. Fisher and so on the school w.r.t the contract #173-CG.

We are glad and equally grateful to Mr. Fisher for giving his best for the betterment of the school and the children. We hope that Mr. Fisher will be an efficacious addition to any institute he joins. We thusly admit Mr. Fisher’s resignation and relief him from his designation on good terms. The report of his performance and liability card has been closed therein.

Please feel free to contact me via email at [email] for any further. Thank you.


The Admin
MSK Grammar School
L-190 Linux Hill Road, San Diego

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Release Letter for Transfer
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