Resignation Due to Conflict with Boss

The workplace has several rules and regulations. These regulations are applicable to both employees and employers. The management of the company is obliged to create a friendly and cooperative environment. But, cooperation is needed from both ends. If the management is giving its excellence, the employees should also put in their best possible efforts regarding their performance. Above all, the higher authorities need to be very polite and kind in their behavior.

Sometimes, the bosses are very troublesome. They always try to create an appalling and creepy environment despite the employee’s satisfactory performance. They create conflicts without any general reason. This leads to a dissatisfaction level at its peak. As a result, employees send a resignation letter.

The resignation letter due to conflict with the boss can be written in any of the following cases:

  1. When the boss continues to insult or humiliates the employees on sudden natural technical defects that are not in the control of the employees or staff.
  2. When projects, tasks, and assignments are affected by the opposing opinion of the boss.
  3. When the boss creates too many differences regarding the point of view of an employee on the achievement of goals.

Thus, all these conflicts lead to the working disability of the employee. The resignation letter is formal and concise. It clearly states the conflicts of opinion. The letter also includes the name, position, and dates. The letter also contains the detail of the duties of the respective employee that will be transferred after resignation.

A template is given here.

Sample Letter

It is to inform you that I am not willing to continue with the job anymore. This letter should be considered as my resignation letter. This very Friday on [date] would be my last working day at the [Business].

You must have known the reason behind the culmination of this decision. We were having differences for long and those were getting worse with every passing day. Even after having tried my best these issues never settled down. Now, this never-ending situation is taking on my nerves and affecting my outcome in the possibly worst way.

I cannot continue working like this. So, I considered it a better decision to find myself another job where I can work peacefully. Kindly make the transaction of my salary for this month so that I can collect my official departure documents without wasting much time.

Thank you for letting me avail the opportunity of working with you.



Resignation letter due to conflict with boss

The letter sample
Format: MS Word [.docx].

More Samples


Dear Sir, I want you to take this message as my resignation from the post of accounts manager. It has been very difficult for me to continue working in the office due to ongoing conflict. We have a difference of opinion on so many things and our way of dealing with the tasks is different. This often results in conflict between us. My abilities are affected badly due to it and I cannot move forward with a conflicting mindset. My teammates are also getting affected by it as projects are getting delayed and lots of tasks are on the pending list. I am of the view that the differences between us cannot be resolved.

Due to this, I have decided to resign from my current position. This will be good for both of us and for the company. From [mention date] I will not come to the office. I request you find some time so may I chew over my current tasks in detail with you.


I am remorseful in letting you know that I am resigning from my current position. This will be effective from [mention date]. I have been working with you for the past five years and during this, I tried my best to deliberate work professionally. I came to know through my direct manager that HR is not satisfied with my work. The reason for this was very ridiculous as he built this opinion after his personal secretary told him to do so. He made some changes to my project presentation and then informed HR that I am not taking the work seriously.

I found it unethical how a worker can scrabble around my table. Due to this, I do not find it possible to assume the same position. I now feel insecure as the same situation can happen at any time in the future. Therefore, I request you to accept my resignation.


I am writing this message to let you know that [mention date] will be my last working day in the organization. I am resigning from my post due to a recent turmoil with my area manager. An employer should be unbiased towards his employees but it is not the case in ABC Corporations. I have been treated badly by the area manager from the day I was appointed.

He does not have any respect for me and always considers me inferior. He orders things in an abusive way considering it as part of his duty. This has disturbed me mentally and I am unable to concentrate on my work. My abilities are underestimated and I feel my morale down all the time. It is impossible for me to continue my job in this toxic environment.

It is also dilapidated my stamina and I cannot hold the work stress. I know it seems ridiculous to resign on this basis but I was left with no choice. I had talked to HR about this but he did not give proper consideration to my request.  I hope you will understand my situation and will accept my resignation.