Resignation Due to Bad Work Environment

The environment and surroundings have a deep impact on the residents of the society. The better the environment, the more dwelled and cultured individuals will be. In the same way, the workplace is also directly affected by the type of environment.

The management is solely responsible to take initiative in giving a sound, communicative, and friendly environment. This type of environment creates open-mindedness among all the members. Hence, it brings a willingness to work hard and wholeheartedly.

The bad environment of the workplace leads to many troubles and issues. One issue is resignation. When the bad environment is getting on their nerves, the employees just opt for a resignation. It occurs because peace of mind is not more than anything in the world. A resignation letter due to a bad work environment can be sent in many cases like:

  1. If misconduct of colleagues or other staff is seen with consistency and no action is taken so far from the management.
  2. If the deserving employees did not get their rights regarding position or ranking due to favoritism.
  3. If the senior management is involved in fraud, felony, or illegal activities.

Thus, a letter of resignation is being sent regarding all the above-mentioned cases and many more. This letter is appropriate and formal. It is being written on a serious note. The reason and witnesses for the bad work environment are written in detail. The date, position, name, and signatures of the employee are also important in this letter.

A sample is given as follows.

Sample Letters


Subject: Resignation letter

I [name] from [department name] am writing to inform you that I am formally resigning from the post of [designation]. Sir I have put in [number] years of my life working for this company and I have given my best to my work even at the cost of my health and my family life but I am very sorry to say that my sincerity and hard work have not been rewarded as was due.

When I joined this company there were some excellent mentors here who would guide the newcomers and teach them in a friendly atmosphere. There were no racial or religious biases and everybody was treated equally. The only way one could rise in rank was by hard work and dedicated effort. There was no favoritism by the seniors. Sadly, all that has changed and I cannot say the same about this company.

The seniors are extremely biased and there is severe grouping in the office. Promotions, bonuses, and foreign courses all are decided on the basis of favoritism. The resentment and negativity resulting from this are not only affecting the mental and physical health of the employees but also the quality of work.

Kindly instruct the finance department to process my dues and complete this process by [date], as that is when my notice period of two months would be over. I would be leaving this company with a very heavy heart but I really hope that you would look into this matter and make inquiries and try and find the black sheep who are destroying the work environment.

Looking forward to your cooperation and understanding.


Subject: Resignation letter due to bad work environment at [X]

I am writing to tender my resignation as the coordinator for the Primary branch of your prestigious school. I joined your school with an experience of [number] years behind me. I was very motivated and excited to be a part of this institution.

I had a lot of plans in my mind to encourage the students to approach their studies with fresh and more interesting strategies. I intended to implement the latest research in the field of early education and make learning fun for the kids.

I am sad to say that I never got to implement these plans. The environment in the school is much worse than I had imagined. There is severe grouping among the teachers and due to this grouping, any plan put forward goes to waste as no group can see the other doing well, and instead of competing in performing better, they destroy the experience for the students.

The students are the ones suffering the most in this situation. Every teacher has her own favorites and uses them to spy on other teachers and in turn, they are given unfair preference, and marking is also done very unfairly.

I feel that I cannot work in such a toxic environment and despite trying I have not been able to make any difference. I feel that the only way forward for me is to distance myself from this environment. Hence I am resigning from this post. I will serve my notice period and [date] would be my last working day. please inform the finance department to clear my dues by then.

Looking forward to your understanding.


This letter is to notify you that I am intended to leave the organization within 15 days. This letter should be considered my resignation and I request you to kindly speed up the procedure of documentation so that I can find a new job as soon as possible.

The reason behind taking the action is the nonstop hostile work environment I am encountering for the past two years since I got promoted over them with whom I used to work once.

I wrote to you many times the things getting worst and messed up badly for me, but you didn’t pay much attention to my concerns. Now it has become impossible for me to continue with this job at any cost since it is affecting my mental solace badly.

I am turning into a patient with high blood pressure issues because of the bad environment I am facing consistently here. I cannot take this toll anymore. Contrary to it, I am grateful to you for providing me with the chance to work under your supervision which was a great deal & would be of great assistance in my new job.

Best regards!


Resignation letter due to bad work environment

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