Project Report Cover Pages

If you are a professional person, you might be aware of the professional needs of cover pages. The project report cover page is the first thing the reader sees when s/he receives the project report. Many people completely rely on the cover page. If they find the cover page to be attractive, they accept the project report.

The cover page totally depends on the project report you are going to submit. All the details that are included in the cover page also depend on the actual project report. It is very important to make a link between the report and its cover page.

Your project report can be rejected if the cover page is not attractive. It is, therefore, necessary that you take care of the details to be included in the cover pages.

What do the main elements of the cover pages?

Your main purpose of designing the cover pages should be to reflect the content that you have added to the project report. You should write the table of content effectively as this is the first thing the user is interested in.

The details you want to add to the cover page depend on the targeted audience. There are some details which are added to almost every project report cover page in general. These are:

  1. Title of the cover page
  2. Author of the project report
  3. Name of the company who has completed the project
  4. Description of the project report
  5. Data of submission of project report

Project report cover page is a formal document so the text and the design to be incorporated should also be formal. There should not be too much embellishment on the cover page of the project report that makes it look more informal.

Moreover, the design of the cover page sometimes also depends on the type of project report. Times New Roman is the most common font to be used on the cover page.

To save time and energy, the template of cover pages can be used. It can be customized to fit your needs.

Report Cover Page Template for MS Word


To download and customize the template for MS Word

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