Request to Issue Community Service Verification Letter

Many new and innovative activities are very important for a student’s career, such as volunteering. Many students think that providing community services is not worth the time because they do not get paid like normal jobs. However, there are many benefits to community services.

Community service is provided by students to benefit the public or a specific community. The job of community service is chosen because you want to work for a good cause. There are many positive effects for a student working for the community.

Many schools require their students to do community service to get their diplomas. Many schools don’t grant degrees unless you provide proof of working for the community.

Community service Jobs are also required by students to get admission to college or university because many universities like to admit students who are involved in activities that will make the world a better place for others.

No matter if you want to get admission to a college requiring you to provide proof of volunteer work for the community or you want to get a graduate degree in your Institute, you are required to get a community service verification letter.

You can write a request letter to a charitable organization to request the community service verification letter. Or you can write a request letter to community service authorities to issue a ‘’community service verification letter’’ in your name. This letter serves as proof that you have worked for the community.


Letter 1

I would like to kindly request a verification letter for the community service I completed at XYZ Old Age Home from November 24th to December 14th, 20XX.

The verification letter is required for my school’s community service program. It would be helpful if the letter could mention the total number of hours I volunteered, the tasks I performed, and any other relevant details about my overall contribution.

Please let me know if you need any additional information from my side to issue the requested letter.

I would really appreciate your help.

Letter 2

I recently completed a 2-week community service at ABC Hospital from 1st August to 15th August 20XX. I am reaching out to kindly request a verification letter for the same.

The experience I gained during these two weeks was invaluable. I would like to have a formal record of my service. This verification letter will be a crucial addition to my personal records and will be beneficial for my future endeavors.

Please mention the number of hours I volunteered, the specific departments and areas I assisted in, and any noteworthy contributions I made during my time at the hospital.

I would really appreciate your prompt response.

Sample letter 3

With due respect, it is stated that I am a student at XYZ Institute in my final graduation year. I have voluntarily worked for your organization for six months. My institute requires me to provide proof of my volunteer work for your organization.

I am, therefore, requesting that you issue me a community service verification letter so that I can submit it to the college. This verification letter is very important for me as it is the basic requirement for getting my graduation degree. I will be highly grateful for this act of kindness.


Request to issue community service verification letter

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Sample Letter 4

It is stated that I am XYZ and I have served as a volunteer at your community service center during my summer break from school. I would like to request that you provide me with the service verification letter. It will prove to be a useful document when I apply for college scholarships next month. Kindly consider my request and issue me the verification letter within this month.

I have worked for two months at your homeless shelter. My responsibility was to manage food distribution among the needy. I devote five hours to this job every day. It has been a rewarding experience. I have learned to work efficiently in a well-organized manner. I would like to express my gratitude to you for letting me have this great opportunity.

Request to issue community service verification letter

Letter File: 98 KB