Request for Community Service Experience Letter

A community service experience letter is a formal letter that is issued by a community service authority. This letter explains the details of the community services provided by the individuals.

The letter tells where the individual has worked, the total number of hours given by the individual, the duties and responsibilities of the person, and a lot more. Some letters also include additional information such as dates of work, the job title of the individual, and many other things.

A community service experience letter is important for a student’s career. When a student adds this to his cover letter, it makes a positive impression on the recipient. Since this experience letter serves as proof that you have worked for a charitable organization, it is required by many organizations that want to verify your volunteer work for any organization.

If, as a student, you have spent a significant amount of time working voluntarily for a charitable organization, and now want to make your career in the same field, you will reference your community service work in your application. In such a situation, a community service experience letter will be required.

Many organizations also need the experience letter to qualify for the scholarship. Some students also attach this experience letter to their resume. Some institutes do not provide the graduation degree until the community service experience letter is provided.

If you are the one who needs this service experience letter, you will have to write a request letter to the community service authority.

The letter should include the reasons for asking for the experience letter. Provide details about your community work. Keep the tone of the letter polite and professional.



I am XYZ from ABC High School. I offered my volunteer services at your charity organization for a period of one month in July 202X. I would like to request my community service experience letter.

During the time period mentioned above, I offered my assistance with various tasks including sorting and storing donation items, arranging charity drives, and carrying out charity bake sales. I performed all my assigned tasks with responsibility. I am glad I had the opportunity to serve the community.

A community service experience letter will be a valuable document in my academic and professional record. I, therefore, request you to provide me with the same and mention the tasks I performed for you.

I shall really be grateful to you.


I wish to express my gratitude for the wonderful opportunity I had to serve at XYZ Welfare Trust. Offering my volunteer services from 1st March to 15th May 202X, it has been a privilege to contribute and be a part of the noble work the organization does. I would like to request a community service experience letter for the time period I served you.

I was fortunate to be involved in important tasks including organizing charity events, helping with office work, and spending time with the elderly. These tasks not only allowed me to offer my skills but also taught me valuable lessons about teamwork and responsibility. However, most importantly, I learned how self-satisfying it is to contribute to the community.

I am now seeking an experience letter that will serve as a record of my rewarding journey with you. This document will serve to prove my commitment and the skills I acquired. As I move forward in my academic and professional journey, having a detailed record of my community service will be significant. It will not only verify my experiences but will also provide potential opportunities to participate in similar roles or projects in the future.

Therefore, your support in providing this letter will be invaluable to me. I assure you that the lessons I have learned and the experiences I have gained will always remain close to my heart.

Thank you for considering my request. I eagerly look forward to your response.


Letter statement by a student:

I am a student of graduation part II in the [INSTITUTE NAME]. I have worked for your organization for one year as a volunteer. Kindly grant me an experience letter to provide community services, as I need them in my career.

Detailed Request Letter

I would like to request the HR department of (organization name) to issue an experience letter. I have worked as a volunteer at your reputable charity center for two years.

During this period, I devoted my time to community service as a part of your team. I am grateful to you for providing me with this tremendous opportunity through which I have been able to contribute towards serving humanity. I left your organization due to a few personal commitments. However, I wish to continue with welfare work in the future.

An experience letter will help me apply to volunteer at other community centers in the future. I, therefore, ask you to consider my request. Below are the details about my work at your organization that will help you draft my experience letter.


I joined (organization name) on January 10, 20XX, and worked till January 21, 20XX. I have been working for 5 hours each day including weekends. My primary responsibility was to maintain a record of all monetary donations. I have also been entrusted with the task of sorting out and organizing various donated items including clothes, books, and toys before distributing them among the needy.

My supervisor has been particularly pleased with my meticulous organization and has appreciated my efficient packaging techniques. I have also worked in a team with other volunteers at the organization to hold fundraising events. We have been successful at organizing these events and collecting an appreciable amount of funds for the charity center.

During these two years, I have been focused and dedicated to the responsibilities entrusted to me. I have succeeded in carrying out my duties both as an individual as well as a part of small groups of volunteers. I am grateful to my supervisor for guiding me and providing me with tips for working more efficiently. Working at (organization name) has been a productive experience for me.

-Optional Part Ends Here-

I would appreciate it if you issue my experience letter so that I can continue to offer my services to reputable community service centers in the future.

Request for Community Service Experience Letter

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