Request Letter to Attend Training Course

A request letter to attend a training course is a letter that is written by an employee who is planning to attend a training course. It is addressed to the employer of an organization. In this letter, the employee attempts to explain and convince the employer about the benefits of the training course. In addition, he may also request that the employer cover the expenses of the training as well as apply for work leave.

When an employee wants to attend training, especially if it would affect his work or he needs favors from his employer, he should formally inform the employer about the training course he is proposing to attend. For this purpose, the employees usually opt to write a formal request letter to attend a training course and seek the employer’s permission through it.

This letter can include varying information, depending on:

  • Training description.
  • Costs and expenses, and the bearer of those.
  • The trainer’s credentials
  • The company requirements.
  • The associated advantages, etc.

However, in a general template of a request letter to attend a training course, the following information is included:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employer.
  • Details of the employee.
  • Details of the training course
  • Need for the training course.
  • Favors needed by the employee for the training, including its costs, days of absence, etc.
  • Benefits of the training for the employee and employer
  • Convincing arguments.
  • Assure that the work will not be affected.
  • Seek approval.

If the employer has sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the training, and if he believes the advantages outweigh the financial costs as well as the costs associated with the absence of the employee from work, he will approve the request and allow the employee to attend the training. In the opposite scenario, he may simply refuse and reject the employee’s request or accept the leave request without releasing the funds for the training.

Sample Letter


Dear Ms. Sarah,

I am writing this letter to request your permission to attend a training session from August 1st, 20XX to August 9th, 20XX.

I have been working as an assistant marketing manager at ABC Limited for over three years. I believe that constant training and development aid in the improvement of skills as well as lead to career progression. For my career advancement and higher chances of promotion, learning XYZ software is critical. As you know, it is the latest software in the industry, that has become an essential part of the success of marketing strategies and tactics.

A well-known marketer, Mr. [X], is offering a training workshop, specifically for teaching the functionality of this software. The workshop will start on 1st August 20XX, and end on 9th August 20XX. I am interested in this workshop and want to learn this latest software. However, I need your permission to attend it, as it will be a full-day, every-day, workshop, which means I will be needing off days for its duration. In addition, I want to request you to cover its expenses, which will be $[X].

I assure you that after this workshop, I will cover all the pending work. I also believe that the effects of this training course will certainly reflect in my work and productivity.

Kindly, accept my request for leave, and fund this training course. I will be highly grateful to you.

Thank you in advance.


Emily John.

Request Letter to Attend Training Course

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