Warning for Misbehavior with Colleague and not Following Instructions

A warning for misbehavior with the colleague and not following the instructions is a letter, that is written by an employer, and is addressed to the employee, who has exhibited unprofessionalism, in terms of misbehavior and non-compliance to instructions.  In this letter, the employer warns the employee as well as informs him about the possible consequences he might have to face in case the unprofessionalism does not stop.

An organization cannot ignore the bad behavior of and disregard of instructions by any of its employees because:

  • The employee may deem the misbehavior an acceptable facet in the organization’s values.
  • Other employees may follow the suit.
  • Other employees may feel offended by the misbehaving employee as well as the organization, which is not taking any rectifying action.
  • The clients may get dissatisfied if their instructions have not been completely followed.
  • The overall environment, business and productivity would suffer.

Therefore, when an employee indulges in inappropriate behavior, a warning for misbehavior with a colleague and not following instructions is sent to him. The content of this letter may vary as per the severity of the issue and the company policies. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Details of the employee.
  • Details of the employer.
  • The issue and incidence/s of misbehavior and non-compliance to instructions.
  • Reference of any filed complaints.
  • Company policies and values.
  • Warning.
  • Consequences, if the misbehavior is repeated.
  • Ask for a written apology, if required.
  • Show hope of improvement.

An employee tries to avoid getting any sort of warning letters in his career, as they are kept in the employee record, may be used as a reference, or may affect his image. If he still gets one, he tries to change his behavior to evade the consequences as well as to bring himself back in the good books of the employer. If an employee gets terminated after a warning letter, it may even impact his new job appointments.

Sample Letter


Dear Mr. David,

I am writing this letter to warn you about your inappropriate behavior with Mr. John Smith on 5th July 20XX, as well as and your unprofessionalism in handling work and instructions.

As you and Mr. Smith are working together on the project ABC, it was expected that you two would cooperate with each other to yield the maximum productivity. However, Mr. Smith has filed a complaint against you for your rude behavior and non-compliance with the client’s demands. On the day of incidence, you simply refused to follow the drafted instructions provided by the client, and when Mr. Smith asked you otherwise, you became rude to him to the extent of the abuse.

You should know that we do not tolerate such behavior at all. In the past, you must have seen us terminating employees for being unprofessional with other employees, even without giving them any warning. This is your first and last warning, after that, you will immediately be terminated, if you do not change your attitude. Additionally, you need to send Mr. Smith a written apology letter. From now on, we need to see you following the instructions properly as well as cooperating with your colleagues completely.

We hope you will realize your mistake and would improve your behavior. We also hope that you will not force us to take any drastic action.

Thank you.


Tabatha Steven.

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