Request Letter for Salary Certificate for Housing Loan Purpose

When you want to get a housing loan, you are required to provide your salary certificate which will let the lender know about your capability to pay off the loan. Writing the request letter to your employer for the issuance of a salary certificate to get a housing loan is a complex process. However, if you know the exact format and structure of the letter, you can write a professional-looking request letter.

How to write a letter?

You are required to choose any of the business formats that are being used these days to draft a request letter. These formats differ in the structure of the letter.

You should try to get the information about the format which is being followed by your company. If your company is following block format, it is advisable to format the letter according to that format.

Start the letter with the address of the recipient and your name. Also, mention the date on which you are writing this letter. After mentioning the address, start writing the body of the letter. Tell your boss which company you are going to make business relations with based on loan housing. Then politely request the salary certificate along with the reason to request it.

Sample letters:


I am writing to request my salary certificate for the purpose of a housing loan application.

I recently applied for a housing loan with ABC Bank. My salary certificate is required as part of the bank’s verification procedure. It will be used to confirm my income and employment. Moreover, this document will authenticate my earnings and my job status. As a result, my application process will speed up leading to the approval of my loan.

Kindly, make sure the certificate includes my job title, employee ID, my total annual income including benefits, and details of tax deductions.

In addition, I would really appreciate it if the salary certificate is on the company’s official letterhead and duly signed by the authorizing manager.

Your help with this matter would greatly assist me in my loan application. Therefore, I would be really grateful if you could process my request as soon as possible.

I look forward to your positive response.


I would like to request you to kindly issue my salary certificate. I need the document for my housing loan application with ABC Company.

I am excited to share that I am in the process of purchasing a house. However, the bank requires proof of stable earnings to ensure that I can repay the loan in a timely manner. A salary certificate is an ideal document for this purpose as it verifies the details of my employment,

I would really appreciate your support with the above-mentioned request.


Dear Sir,

I have been working for you for 3 years. I am a hardworking person and have tried to provide you with the best of my services. I am thankful to you for providing me with several opportunities.

I have lately decided to get a housing loan so that I can get my own house. I want to provide a strong and permanent shelter for my family. For this, I must apply to the bank for a loan. Therefore, I am requesting you issue me the salary certificate as it is the basic requirement of the bank to provide proof of my employment as well as my salary. I will look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely.

Request Letter for Salary Certificate for Housing Loan Purpose

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Request Letter for Salary Certificate for Housing Loan Purpose

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I would like to request my salary certificate stating my total annual income and yearly bonus. I am applying for a house loan and a salary certificate is the bank’s requirement.

I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration.