Request Letter for Certificate of Employment

Re. Letter of Request for Certificate of Employment

Dear Sir, I am [Name of the sender], a former [name of the job title] from the [Name of the department]. I have worked in [Name the area] for the past ten years. During this time, I displayed the best of my abilities and potential. I always remained professional and eager to learn new skills. I was one of the three employees awarded the employee of the year award three times during my stay in the company. Annual appraisals always nominated me as highly professional, quick to learn, and welcoming to new challenges. 

However, the company put a lot into me. It was the time when I started from zero and learned the best. I updated my skill profile with the help of my supervisors and respective heads of the departments. The environment of the company was very professional and highly conducive to work. I enjoyed working here. I saw three phases of promotion in the company. However, due to the company’s internal economic strength demise, the company downsized its workers. 

I was removed from my position and laid off permanently to downsize the company. Despite several requests, it has been two months, and reconsideration still needs to be done. Looking at the company’s current situation, I decided to apply for other positions at other organizations. I need a certificate of working experience at your company to apply for a job. The certificate shall indicate my working potential, my skill profile, and my profile as an employee. 

Therefore, please allow the relevant department to give me the certificate of employment. It will catalyze the process of recruitment by the relevant authorities. As I have completed all the requisites to get the certificate, I request you to order the appropriate person to give me the certificate of employment after highlighting the particulars of my work. 

I shall be grateful to you. 

Yours Sincerely.


Request Letter for Certificate of Employment

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Re. Request for Certificate of Employment for Bank Loan Services (BLS)

Dear Manager, 

I am an employee of your company, currently working as a [Job Title] in the department of [Name of the department]. I have been working here for three years.

I have applied for a loan at Bank Loan Services at [specify the branch] to renovate my house. I have been living in the house since 20XX. Due to outdated architecture and poor structure, I want to remodel my home and get it redesigned. I need $[$] for this case, and I am short on budget to make such an investment. Due to weather conditions in our region, it is important to make the renovations this season sunny and suitable for architectural work. 

The bank manager wants me to submit a certificate of employment as evidence of my work. I request you grant me my certificate of employment. Also, please mention my work particulars, scale/grade, salary, and other additional remunerations. I will be highly grateful if you do this before [date]. 

Thank you. 


[Name of the employee]



Request Letter for Certificate of Employment

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