Request Letter for Additional Staff for Project X

When you have so much work to do in an office but there are not a sufficient number of people to complete the work, the best and most logical solution for you will be to make a request for additional staff. In this situation, the manager of the company communicates with other stakeholders and lets them know the needs of the company with respect to staff management. 

What is a request letter for additional staff?

Sometimes, the people in higher authorities don’t agree with your needs and they don’t agree with hiring more people. In this situation, it is your responsibility to come up with some concrete and logical reasons to prove that the company needs additional staff. Writing a request letter will enable you to outline lots of useful and important information. 

Who writes the request letter for more staff?

People who are responsible for managing the staff in the company write this request letter. They should know whether the workforce in the company is sufficient or not. Those working in the human resource department are usually much aware of the workforce. They know when there is a scarcity and whether they should request more people to work. 

Is writing a request letter worth your time?

When you write a request letter, you try to convince the reader that there is a need to hire more people. The request letter is also proof that you understood the need and you addressed it and therefore, you are a responsible person. In addition, you do not have any authority to take any decision regarding hiring any person. So, all you can do is make a request by writing a request letter. 

What to do to write a professional proposal letter?

Before you practically start writing this letter, you must know the needs of the company. If you are working on project X and you observe that the work is too much for the existing number of people, you will have to add more people to your team. So, it is important to identify all the needs and then outline them. Also, you should know the policy of the company regarding hiring more people. This will enable you to know how effective your request can be

Tips for writing a request for additional staff:

Describe your project:

Since you are making this request because you need more staff for a particular project, it is important to describe the entire project. Give details of the project by mentioning the name, the date on which it was started, the date on which it is supposed to end, the purpose of initiating the project, and much more. 

Express the need:

The letter should contain a description of the need to hire more people. Here you will describe the total number of people you need, in which department of the project you need staff members, how much time they are needed, and what type of responsibilities you want them to fulfill. 

Also, state how you have quantified the additional staff needed. This will make the reader think that you have done your work on identifying the needs and then addressing them and that what you are requesting is not baseless. Here you can also state that you won’t be able to complete the entire project by the deadline if more people are not hired and this will lead to the dissatisfaction of the client. 

Discuss the benefits:

Explain how beneficial it would be to hire additional staff for project X. These benefits are for the supervisor because you want to convince him into accepting your request. These benefits can be based on fulfilling the financial needs of the company, supporting the staff, and much more. 

Give your suggestion:

After stating all the benefits and needs of the additional staff, suggest what you feel is appropriate for the company. In your suggestion, including the need to hire more people. Also, describe how you feel your suggestion is appropriate. 

Make a request:

At the end of the letter, make a formal request by asking the reader to pay attention to your request and do something to fulfill it. You can also give an alternate solution. 

Sample #1

I am writing to request additional staff members for our ongoing Project X. The sudden resignation of 2 of our key team members has left us understaffed. We need immediate backup support in order to accomplish the project tasks within the provided deadline.

Project X is one of the most crucial assignments for our organization as it involves foreign clients. Therefore, it is a top-priority project that requires the company’s utmost attention. Your approval for reinforcing our team with additional staff members will help us deliver high-quality results without delaying the project.

We require the following experts to help us fulfill the project requirements.

  1. Expert 1details
  2. Expert 2 details
  3. Expert 3 details

Kindly respond to my request as soon as possible. Your cooperation and support will be highly appreciated. 


This is an official request for additional staff for the upcoming project X. It is a challenging task for us since it is the company’s first-ever international project involving high-profile clients who expect results of the highest standard.

We need approval from the head office to hire 2 new staff members who will provide our team with the required additional support. The project needs one IT Support Assistant and one manager-level professional with experience in the Quality Control Department.

With the help of the above-mentioned staff members, we will ensure the successful completion of our project. Kindly give due consideration to our request.

I look forward to your support.

Request Letter for Additional Staff for Project X

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