Reprimand Letter to an Employee for Bad Behavior

A friendly working environment brings positive energy in the employees to complete the tasks with a peaceful mind. However, work environments are stressful. It can be due to completing a project in time, sending emails to old clients, or looking after legal matters. One needs to be strong enough to deal with these situations.

A stressful situation may lead to some unexpected circumstances. One such situation may occur when an employee loses the temperament and behave badly with the colleagues. It is not compulsory that one employee has behaved badly due to the stressful situation of work. It can be personal grudges or personal/inherited behavior of an individual.

Whatever is the reason if some employee has behaved badly with his/her colleague it is treated as unethical attitude and legal actions are taken. In this situation, the manager of the company will write a reprimand letter to the employee for his/her bad behavior.

A sample reprimand letter to employees for bad behavior has been provided here for guidance. I hope it helps!

Letter Sample

Subject: Condemnation on Inapposite Etiquette


Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE], the company has been greatly censured by the conduct shown by you to your colleagues. Dear, you had been a very diligent and admirable person with a higher sense of responsibility and willingness towards work, but the manner you are presenting these days is incomprehensible.

Mr./Ms. [NAME HERE], you were seen using abusive speech and offensive demeanor with your colleagues on various occasions including the lunchtimes, meeting times, and in recesses. You get extremely harsh whenever someone tries to communicate and specifically use sarcasm and mockery as offending tools.

We are quite disconsolate on getting this appalling information about such a courteous person of our company who was worth working with. You should have consulted with your supervisor if there was any misconduct that happened in past or any misunderstanding that happened between you and your colleagues before commencing the conflict by yourself overlooking the company code of conduct you signed in the beginning.

We are taking this issue under our consideration due to your previous quality record, but you need to go through the employee rules and oaths treatise to motivate you on being your primitive self and develop many good morals to recommence your job and worthy relation with your colleagues. As per the pronouncement of the company regulations, we will be obliged to take a stringent response against those who breach the employee oath that can lead to suspension and even cessation.

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Reprimand Letter to an Employee for Bad Behavior

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