Reply Letter for Explanation Letter for Negligence

What is reply letter for explanation for negligence?

Negligence at work is something that is never accepted by the employer. Negligence affects the company in many ways. It makes a company and co-workers of the employee suffer a lot. For example, when an employee shows tardiness, it affects the company in many ways. The late arrival of the employee compels the company to hand over the responsibilities of the late employees to those who are present. In this way, lots of people face inconvenience. So, employees are required to not show negligence from work. When they do show negligence, they are sent the warning letter or reprimand letter.

Why explanation letter is written?

When an employee is written the warning letter, he is often asked to submit the explanation of that action that he is being reprimanded for. The purpose of this explanation is to make the employee tell what caused him to show the negligence. When an employee gives an explanation of why he has shown negligence. In this way, the employee is given the chance to clear his position.

Companies usually ask the employee to write the explanation letter because they want to make sure that the employee was at the mistake and he was not expected to that. The company also wants the employee to admit that he has committed the mistake so that when a company has to terminate the employee, it can do it on solid grounds.

What are the benefits of writing the explanation letter as a reply?

Many employees really feel themselves to be on the edge when they receive the letter asking them to give the explanation. This is because they feel that they have been asked to do something really intimidating. However, one should never be afraid of writing the explanation letter since it has a surfeit of benefits. We are here going to discuss a few of them:

  1. If an employee is embarrassed because of his negligence and he wants to apologize for this act, the explanation letter allows him to do so. If an employee is able to write the apology statement in an effective way, he can reap fruitful results.
  2. Sometimes the apparent negligence from the employee is not really negligence. Rather, it happens because of something in which the employee has no-fault. So, writing the explanation letter makes an employee clear his position well.
  3. Just like any other document, this explanation letter is also attached to the official file of the employee. So, when an employee is able to write a good explanation, it becomes a part of the record.
  4. If the employee has already been given two warnings and the employee is afraid that he might get laid off on another act of negligence, he can write the explanation letter in reply to reverse the warning.
  5. Many times, the explanation letter is also taken as a positive gesture from the employee. When an employee writes the reply letter to his employer, he clearly indicates that he is really concerned about the reprimand letter that he has received as a result of negligence at his side. This makes him come off as a responsible person.

This is a sample letter of explanation that is being written to an employer in order to give an explanation of the negligence that the employee has shown. This letter is usually written as a reply to a warning or reprimand letter sent to the employee upon his negligence.

Sample letter:

Date: ——————

RE: Reply of explanation [X]

Dear (name of the employer),

I have received a reprimand letter from the company related to my negligence from the duty. I was asked to write the explanation letter in that reprimand letter. Therefore, I am writing this letter of explanation as a reply to the reprimand letter I received yesterday.

I know that my negligence of work is not acceptable and I am really sorry about it. I know that there is no justification for showing negligence. I just want to tell you that I am going through a hard time.

My wife is extremely ill from last week. I go straight to the hospital after work. I also visit the hospital in the morning before coming to work. Because of this, I often get late from work. Furthermore, there is a lot of stress due to my wife’s illness and it has really disturbed me mentally. I am unable to focus on my work. I am also trying to shoulder the immense financial burden that has really made me so much depressed

I am again apologizing for my negligence from work again. I will correct my behavior and will never show this negligence of work. Please accept my heartiest apologies for showing negligence. 


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