Proposal Letter for Recruitment Services

If you are a service provider and you want others to know about your work, you can write a proposal. Some people prefer writing a proposal in the form of a letter. Some service providers help organizations in their recruitment process. They help them find the right candidate for a vacant position. Organizations pay those service providers in return. If you are also a service provider, you will have to write a proposal letter

Some benefits of using the letter…

There are many benefits. Some of them are:

  1. This letter lets people know about the presence of a service provider in the market. It is a type of marketing strategy that targets the right people at a right time.
  2. Since the proposal is client specific, it allows the service provider to let the reader know about the services he provides. If there is more than one hiring service provider in the industry, the reader will be able to see the difference between the services provided by all of them. If you have something that can make you outperform, mentioning it in the letter can help you persuade the reader to accept you as a service provider.
  3. The recruitment services proposal letter is generally shorter than a conventional proposal and therefore, it is easier for the reader to read and understand what you are offering.

Read the sample letter given below


Subject: Proposal for hiring services for [XYZ].

Respected sir,

Thank you so much for allowing ABC Company to partner with you as a recruitment service provider. ABC Company is specialized in providing recruitment services to its clients. We make sure that we are capable of meeting the recruitment needs of our clients.

Our team of experts has a keen interest and in-depth knowledge of understanding the requirements of our clients and then searching for candidates who are the best fit for the vacant position. Our check conducts a thorough evaluation of the portfolio and resume of the candidate interested in filling up the vacant post. We ensure that the right person reaches the right position and serves the organization in the best possible way.

Our main services include:

  1. Finding the right talent for an organization and helping people get employment opportunities they deserve
  2. Contributing to the development and growth of an organization by finding qualified individuals to fill up its positions
  3. Making candidates understand work ethics and ways to make their resume that meets their needs
  4. Carrying out a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s resume to see if he is the right fit for the job so that selection of the applicants can be done on merit

ABC Company charges 500$ for the recruitment of one candidate in your organization. We will take the money after the recruitment has been confirmed. Furthermore, our company will not be responsible if the candidate recruitment does not have high moral values and ethics since we don’t evaluate anyone based on their personality.

If you want to know more about our company or the services we provide, feel free to contact us


Subject: Proposal for hiring services of [ABC]

Respected sir,

We are so glad that we have got the opportunity to serve you by recruiting individuals that are perfect for the job position in your company. ABC Company is adept at finding candidates that are the right fit for a vacant position in its client’s company. It is our main priority to ensure that our clients don’t regret hiring individuals that we choose for them.

In this time and age, finding the best talent that is also qualified and experienced is a big challenge. We always strive to protect our clients from getting into this hunt and wasting their valuable time. Our main priority is to find someone who perfectly meets the eligibility criteria. We evaluate the resume of candidates first and then refer them to our clients.

In order to discuss terms and conditions of working with us and service charges, you can contact us on our office phone number and email address.