Apology Letter to Boss for Fake Documents

Re. Apologizing for the Fake Documents submitted on [X]

This is [NAME], writing to you to apologize for case no. xxx which is about presenting forged and fake documents of International Conference [NAME THE CONFERENCE] and Training certificate from [NAME THE ORGANIZATION]. I am deeply remorseful for this act and want to apologize for the shameful act. 

Sir, I accept all the responsibility for presenting forged documents which is illegal under section [MENTION THE LAW SECTION/ARTICLE THAT APPLIED] under the Law of Forge & Fake Papers 2017 (Updated). According to law, any person who presents forged/fake documents/papers is entitled to certain legal actions including sanctions, fines, and a sentence of 5 years. 

Sir, I have been searching for work since 20XX and remained jobless. To apply here, it was mandatory to show presence at an international conference and training from an ISO-certified organization. To get the job without any delay, I was left with no option but to show forged documents. 

I humbly request you accept my deep apologies and not escalate the matter to court. I promise to compensate for my actions in any possible way you would ask. I am ready to start my training in any ISO-certified organization and contribute to an upcoming international conference to compensate for the act. 

I request you to accept my apologies and settle the matter in a peacefully best possible way. I want to meet to discuss more, please schedule a meeting so that I can explain further. This act of your kindness shall be huge for me and my career. 

Please respond to my letter with your kind remarks so that I can do my best in compensation ASAP. Thank you.

2nd Letter


I am [NAME] from [NAME THE DEPARTMENT]. I have been working in your organization as a [NAME THE POSITION] since 20XX. Recently, I was promoted to the rank [ABC-XXX] on [DATE] based on the International Conference of Nutrition & Food Authority (NFA). 

I have worked in this organization for X years. Throughout these years, I have always worked with sheer honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Being in an executive position and at an important designation, I always stayed highly professional and honest. 

Given these references, I want to point out the letter of reprimand that has been sent to me on [DATE]. The letter states a deduction in my allowance and demotion of my job grade in the wake of the forged documents controversy. I confess my reprehensible act of presenting forged documents of participation in the International Conference on NFA. 

I was all set to leave for the conference but a few personal matters kept me from leaving home. I was stuck in issues and thus, could not perform my research at the conference. As appraisals were being conducted during those days, I was set to get a promotion as I have been working since 20xx and could not get an increment or promotion. 

My participation in an international conference or a workshop was mandatory to promote to an executive position. Presenting forged documents seemed to be the only way and I went for it. 

I am extremely penitent and confess. Please, accept my deep apologies on the matter and do not take any strict action that can risk my career. I promise to never do that again and remain truthful and honest with my job. I shall be highly grateful if you accept my apology. Please respond to me at [EMAIL] or response letter. Thank you.