Corporate Training Program Proposal Letter

If your job is to train others and this time you are targeting a corporation, you will be required to write a corporate training program proposal letter. Sometimes, you write this letter because you understand the needs of the corporation and sometimes, you write this letter because an organization has asked you to come forward and tell what value you can offer in terms of training.

What is an organization coaching program proposal letter?

It is a formal business proposal letter in which you offer your services as a trainer. Through this letter, you let the reader know you have the potential to make others learn from you.

How to write the proposal for corporate training?

Discuss your program in detail:

If you want your proposal to be accepted, make sure that you explain your coaching program in the letter. Briefly give the details. For this, you will have to know the needs and requirements of the corporation you are targeting.

Discuss the benefits the corporation can reap:

Every company wants to know how beneficial it will be for it to choose your program for coaching its staff. Enlist the benefits. Again, read what a company wants to achieve and then tailor the list of benefits according to it.

Be honest:

Make sure that you remain honest throughout the proposal and don’t make false commitments just because you want your proposal to be accepted. Commit to doing what you think you can do easily.

Below are two sample letters given for your help and assistance:


This letter is being written on behalf of ABC Company which has experience of giving coaching to the staff of different companies over many years. We are so thankful to you for letting us come forward and propose our coaching services.

We have monitored and understood the needs of your company. We have seen what your staff has been through and what it needs to learn to grow. We believe that every individual working in a corporation needs professional training with time because it is not possible for someone to survive without up-to-date training. Considering this, ABC Company is ready to serve you with its services.

We provide services for almost every sector whether it is administrative or finance sector. We have different teams of professionals who are specialized in different areas. We hope that your company will be able to get a lot of benefits if it gets our services.

We would love to discuss the training program with you in detail. If you also want to know more, you can convene a meeting with us. Or, you can also contact us at 54235423. We are looking forward to your positive response. Thank you so much for considering our proposal.


Subject: Corporate training program for [XYZ]

Respected sir,

We are thankful to you for showing interest in our company for corporate training. We take pride in being the trainer of your talented and qualified staff.

These days, there is a cut-throat competition and corporates need to equip their staff with the latest and up-to-date skills so that they can outperform each other. We understand that your staff also needs necessary training to be able to run the corporation smoothly.

Our corporate training program will last for two weeks. During this period, we will try to make the attendees well-equipped with the necessary skills they need for performing their day-to-day tasks. We have outlined a complete and comprehensive plan of coaching that we have attached with the proposal letter. Please have a look at it and then if you feel like contacting us, you can give us a phone call at 242353.

You can also organize a meeting with us to discuss the program and its various modules in detail.