Employee Training Program Proposal Letter

Many organizations keep training their employees so that they remain relevant and up to date. Training is very important, especially for those who want to excel in their career. Many employees fail to get promotions because they fail to prove that they have earned anything valuable. So, when they get training, they learn new skills and get more and better opportunities to get promoted.

If you have designed a coaching program that you think can help employees in an organization to grow and become more proficient in their work, you will write a proposal to let others know about this program.

How to write?

Know the needs of the reader:

If you are targeting a particular organization, you should know what the needs of the reader are. It is obvious that if you want your proposal to be accepted, you will have to let the reader understand that you will fulfill his needs.

Tailor the proposal to the reader’s needs:

Once you have understood what employees in an organization are required to get trained for, you can easily customize your proposal to make it suitable for the reader. This will increase the chances for you to get your proposal accepted.

Make a thorough training plan:

Many trainers make a training plan and share it with the reader. This plan saves you from having to include a lot of stuff in the proposal letter as you can simply refer to the training plan in the letter. 

Below is a sample employee training program proposal:

Sample 1:

Subject: worker coaching program proposal

Respected sir,

We have designed a training program for the employees and volunteers who work in your NGO. The coaching session initiated by us will be able to accommodate all the needs of the NGO that are important to be met by workers of the NGO.

We have developed the coaching session in such a way that it will help all the workers and volunteers master the art of collecting funds and working for a cause. We have targeted each and every employee in our program and we believe that employees in the NGO will be able to work more efficiently after attending this program.

The worker coaching program will last for one week. The class will be from 6 pm to 10 pm. During each class, we will try to cover maximum content so that we can help attendees make the best out of each class. At the end of the session, workers will be awarded the certificate also. We believe that you will be able to see improvement in the performance of your employees.

We are hopeful that you will consider this proposal. Thank you so much for your cooperation. Your reply will be encouraged.

Sample 2:

Subject: worker training program proposal

Respected sir,

Thank you so much for considering (mention the name of the company). We strongly believe that the success of any business depends on its employees. Therefore, we provide strong and tailored training to employees working in different organizations.

As you know, the professional growth and development of workers at every level are crucial. It not only helps them grow but also contributes to the development of the company.

We are professional people in the area of training employees and our proven skills have given us so much confidence to write this offer letter. We hope that we can work together for the betterment of employees so that they can develop new skills and learn new things. The scope of the training project has been outlined in the project plan attached with the proposal. We are ready to meet you in person and discuss the project and its scope with you in detail.

In case you have any confusion, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your response. Thank you so much for your consideration.