Property Authorization Letter

When you write an authorization letter, you let the reader know that you are permitting someone to act on your behalf. In the case of a property authorization letter, you allow someone to take action regarding the property which is under your ownership.

Why is a property permission letter written?

When you are the owner of a property, you are allowed to take every action regarding it such as buying, selling, renting it out, etc. Therefore, if someone tries to decide on your behalf, their action will be considered invalid. However, if you are not in the position to take such actions that are important to be taken, you will write a letter of authority to share a part of your authority with someone else.

Who can write the property letter of authority?

Any person who has an asset in his ownership can write a letter of authority. Writing the authorization letter of property doesn’t mean that a person is no longer the owner of the property. It just means that since the owner is not available, he is allowing someone else to do something he would have done if he was available.

Many people don’t know what they should write in this letter. Due to this, they fail to give authorization properly. Adding the following details to the letter can help you write a professional letter:

  1. A statement giving the authority
  2. Details of the person being given the authority
  3. Description of exactly what the person can do with your property and what he is not allowed to do
  4. How long this authority will remain valid
  5. Under what circumstances the authority can be revoked

Sample letter 1:

Subject: property authorization letter for [X]

Dear Mr. ABC,

I, ____________ (mention your name) authorize my manager Mr. XYZ to act on my behalf to monitor all those matters that are related to my property located at _______ (mention the address of the property). Mr. XYZ shall be responsible for renting out my property to anyone and collecting rental amounts. This authority will remain effective till further correspondence. I am compelled to authorize my manager because I am away from my country for some time and it would not be possible for me to handle these matters myself.

I acknowledge that I have read all the terms and conditions of authorizing anyone for handling my property matters and I will try to abide by all the conditions.

Mr. XYZ will be able to sign all the documents that are related to renting out the property. I can be reached at (mention your phone number) if you want to know about this authorization.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Yours faithfully.

Property Authorization Letter

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Sample letter 2:

Subject: property authorization letter for [ABC]

Dear Mr. ABC,

The undersigned property owner would like to authorize Mr. ABC to apply for a house loan on the behalf of the property owner located at ______ (mention the address of the property).

The undersigned acknowledges Mr. ABC as a trustworthy person who can apply for the loan payment on the house. Mr. ABC shall perform all those actions that an actual property owner is required to perform. He can sign all the documents that your institute needs to process the loan application. This authority will remain effective till the entire house loan processing takes its course. Please note that the subject of the letter has only that authority which has been mentioned above.

A copy of the identity card of Mr. ABC, documents of the house, and Identity documents of the undersigned are attached to this letter. The undersigned property owner can also provide more documents if requested. Furthermore, this letter of authority can be used for legal matters.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. You can contact me at (mention your phone number) for further queries regarding this letter of authority. You can also talk to Mr. ABC about any matter regarding the house loan.

Yours sincerely.

Property Authorization Letter

MS Word 2003+ Size: 55 KB