Office Renovation Announcement Letter to Employees

In any business, offices have a major role to play. Just like anything else, buildings also undergo wear and tear over time. If you don’t repair or renovate them as needed, they lose their charm and in some cases, start to collapse. This is the reason, every building, whether commercial or residential, needs renovation after some time. 

If you run an office, renovating it can be difficult as well as tedious. You will need to do a lot of things before you start the office renovation. One of those steps is informing everyone about your decision to renovate the building.

What is an office renovation letter to employees?

It is an official letter written to the employees of the company to inform them about the decision that the office is going to start the renovation. It is a type of announcement that lets everyone know about the repair work.

Reasons to write the office repair letter to employees:

Employees are the most important part of an office and they can never be ignored when you are performing any operation in the office. Many such situations will make you write this letter. Some of them are listed below:

When you want cooperation:

When renovation starts, a lot of things in an office change. Therefore, every task performed in an office also changes. Therefore, you might need cooperation from the office employees so that they can also change their way of working for a while. This cooperation makes it easy for a company as smoothly as it used to work when the renovation was not started. 

When you want to inform about the new location:

In some cases, when the process of renovation starts, the office is shifted to a new location temporarily. People who work in the company should know about the new location so that they can easily access the office. This letter to employees informs them about the new location. 

To ask them to collect their things:

People in the office keep their belongings there and when the construction work starts, an office is vacated. During this process, several things get lost. To prevent this situation, office employees are asked to come to the office and collect their belongings. 

Is it important to write an office renovation letter to office workers?

People who come to the office and work there must be informed through the letter. Sometimes, the employer does not find it convenient to inform every worker one by one. To inform everyone seamlessly, writing a letter is important. 

Writing tips:

Make a rough outline:

When you choose to write a renovation letter to employees, you will need to share a lot of details with them. It is important to remember that if you miss out on any important detail, the entire purpose of writing this letter will be lost. Therefore, you must be sure that you have made a rough outline.

Making a rough outline will also let you decide which detail to share in which part of the letter as there are a few details that cannot be shared in the end and a few of them cannot be shared in the beginning. So, their right position can be decided while making a rough outline.  

Use the letterhead of your office:

Every time a letter is written on behalf of the office, it is ensured that it has an official look. For this purpose, you should type the letter on the letterhead and also put a stamp on it to prove that it has come from official sources. Make sure that you use the same letterhead that you use for other types of correspondence.  

Add all mandatory details:

The details that you identified when you made a rough outline should be shared with the reader in the letter. Inform the reader about the decision to renovate the office, mention the benefits the office will have after the touch-up, the description of how things will be carried with the renovation, the new temporary location of the office, special instructions for employees before the renovation begins and many other details that might be specific to a particular office.

Sample Letter -1

We are excited to announce that our office building will be undergoing some renovation to make the workspace more comfortable for our employees.

The major changes will include upgrading the central ventilation system, enhancing the lighting system, and creating of a staff lounge. The project will commence next Monday, 24th August. It is expected to take a month for the entire renovation process to be complete. During this time, the employees should be prepared to face minor inconveniences. Please be prepared beforehand and make adjustments accordingly.

We encourage all employees to continue working despite the disruptions. You may work from home or shift to floor 15. The decision is left to the discretion of respective supervisors.

We are open to your queries and concerns regarding the renovation process. Please feel free to reach Mr. XYZ from HR for your questions.

The company would appreciate your cooperation while you face any inconvenience due to the renovation project.

Office renovation announcement letter to employees

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Sample Letter -2

This is to inform you that the office is going to undergo a renovation project starting from (Date). The floors that are going to be upgraded include floor 7, floor 10, and floor 11. The company wishes to bring some positive changes to the workspace to facilitate the employees to work more diligently.

However, during the renovation period, the mentioned floors will be closed. At the same time, the elevators and stairwells to the affected floors will also be closed for the purpose of safety. Employees are requested to use floor 5 in the meanwhile. The said floor has been adjusted to accommodate extra employees temporarily. You will be provided with all facilities required for your job.

Please note that any inconvenience encountered during the renovation period will only be temporary. The company will appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time.

Kindly contact the XYZ department for queries and to receive updates about the progress of the renovation.

Office renovation announcement letter to employees

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