High School Club Proposal Letter

Subject: Proposal for New Club in the School

To the School Administration. I, along with some of my school fellows, am writing to you to propose a new club for the high school society. We are planning to initiate the work on the club activities right after your kind approval. We have named this club [Name of the club] which will bring focus to the skill learning programs that will help the students to get the employment of their desire after the completion of their degrees.

Moreover, the club program will focus on online skills learning which will enhance our students’ capacity to study and earn by pursuing the career of their own choice at the same time.

Our purpose to form this club is to enhance and widen the perspectives of the students to get work and earn. Capacity building is the main focus and purpose of this club. We plan to achieve our goals of capacity building and skill enhancement with the help of other school societies, local organizations, teachers, and other faculty members.

Our goal is to enable the students at the high school level to earn well during their studies. The core objective of this club is to make the students acquainted with the latest market trends about employability and skills that can introduce them to successful organizations and recruiters.

To achieve these goals, we plan to conduct surveys and research on the market trends for employability and introduce relevant skill programs. These skill programs will be volunteered by the seniors and teachers who accede to the formation of this club.

We shall also reach out to some of the local organizations and recruiters who can visit the club occasionally and address the students to enhance their perspective and knowledge.

We can provide more details in discussion with you if needed. Please consider approving this club proposal so that we can work further to attain desired goals as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.


[Name of the student]

High school club proposal letter

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Letter #2

Re. Proposal for the [Name of the Club]

Dear Sir,

We are a group of dedicated students supervised by three teachers from the Department of Technical Education and Skills who are very excited to propose a new club to the [Name of the School Society].

We want to bring innovation, communication upskilling, skill building, and enhancement in the freelance ways of working, vision, effective teamwork learning, and many other programs through this club. This club will not only work on enhancing the skills but also contribute positively to the school’s social activities.

Through this club, we want to achieve real-time goals of teaching and learning mutually and understand the changing trends in the market. Moreover, we will keep a section of the club to teach financial management, ways of investing money to earn a passive income, and address the issues that students might confront with pursuing higher education in local and international universities.

I believe this club will prove a very effective society for the students from senior classes who are on the verge of completing their graduation. For this pursuit of efficient teaching and learning of different skills, we want your kind approval for the club. After the approval, we would be able to initiate the club activities and announce the official declaration of the club formation.

We have gathered opinions from all the senior students and faculty members who are willing to contribute their best to the club and are in admiration of the program we intend to offer. The club activities are voluntary and thus, it will provide an equal chance for everyone to participate, teach, learn, and grow. Moreover, a sense of mutual cooperation will be formed among students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Thus, students from different backgrounds will be able to communicate directly and learn from each other. Also, our plan to invite other school clubs occasionally to our programs will play a major role in learning from the diversification of the cultures in the club.

This club will be managed by the undersigned senior associate professor, Mr. [Name of the professor] who will be supervising all activities related to the club. Two senior students, who are selected by voting of the majority, will assist professor [Name] in the supervision. Mr. [Name] and Mrs. [Name] will look after the administrative tasks of the club and will be known as club administrators.

We have made a tentative schedule for the club activities that align with the schedule of the school activities initially. It is flexible and can be changed if needed as we have not made it public to our students yet.

One of the points to note here is that we have not included the students from lower grades in the club as it deals with the skills for employment and further studies after graduation. It only means to say that the club activities are limited to the senior students from [Name the classes].

We also have made our Facebook page and made an email ID to contact for club activities professionally. I hope you will find our idea of [Name of the club] convincing enough to approve it. Thank you for your consideration.


[All the students from (class)]

High school club proposal letter

Letter File 98 KB

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High School Club Proposal Letter
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