Notice to Late Coming Employees

Every organization expects the punctuality of its employees in the company. The careless behavior and not observing the rules and regulations of the company cannot be tolerated at any cost. Because of this, every company has some strict policies to keep a check on the punctuality of the employees. Many companies also deduct the salaries of the latecomers.

In order to maintain the office timings, a notice in the form of circular is sent to the employees. The main purpose of this notice is to remind the policies of the company so that the employee can follow them.

The notice to late coming employee should be written in a formal way. The tone of the notice should be polite. The notice is kept as a record in the company so when the company decides to terminate the employee, it can show that notice as a proof that the employee was repeatedly warned.

The notice is written on the letterhead of the company. In order to give the notice more professional look, it should be signed by the owner of the company.

Notice to late coming employees:

It has observed that there are a lot of irregularities and indiscipline in the entire staff of the company. The late coming of the employees has been recorded several times which is seriously affecting the productivity of the employee and growth of the company.


The organization always understands the genuine reason for being late and cooperates with its employees. However, it has to take strict actions when the employee starts taking this privilege for granted. So, from now onwards, no request of the employee for coming late would be acceptable.

Henceforth, it is to inform that if the management of the company find any employee coming late to work, the strict action will be taken against him/her according to the agreed upon terms and conditions of the job. Some of the serious actions include the deduction in the salary of the employee. It is therefore expected that the employee will be at work in right time.


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Notice to Late Coming Employees


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