No Smoking Warning Letter to Tenant

Good habits and bad habits of a person always affect the people around them. The other persons are directly or indirectly influenced by all the habits of the relevant individual. If an individual has bad habits and feels that the related people are unhappy and annoyed; s/he must try to overcome those bad habits.

One very bad habit faced across the globe is smoking. According to different healthcare sources, smoking is simply the destruction of one’s health by own consent. It is not only harmful to the individual himself but also detrimental to the persons closely related to him like family or friends.

The concentrated amount of smoke is very harmful to the people in the surroundings. It has also one bigger drawback which is that it can cause a fire. Its smell is also so annoying.

The residential areas have different norms and rules that should be followed. The architecture of rental apartments is designed in such a way that all apartments are quite close to each other. Due to this reason, many restrictions and prohibitions must be followed. These terms are made to keep the rental unit peaceful. The tenants are supposed to cooperate as much as they can.

When a tenant is signing a contract, s/he accepts different terms and conditions that s/he must follow during the tenancy. One term is a prohibition of smoking. This rule has to be followed at any rate. Failure to follow leads to several warnings and the repetition of warnings leads to eviction.


For the past few weeks, I have been persistently receiving complaints from the neighborhood regarding your habitual smoking. It was made clear to you prior that smoking will certainly not be allowed in my house. I had earlier talked to you about this matter, but it seems that you have paid no heed to it.

Through this letter, I intend to give you a final warning to change this habit of yours or otherwise, I am afraid you’ll have to move to another place. I hope to see a positive change in you.


One of your relatives has joined you since last Friday. He has this bad habit of smoking in the house. I had earlier ignored it thinking that he was a guest, but yesterday’s incident became a reason for this final warning.

He was smoking on the terrace when accidentally the neighbor’s curtain got burnt. It could have led to something very serious. Through this letter, I intend to warn you against smoking in my house either by you or anyone who has come to stay with you. I hope you will take it seriously or otherwise you will have to move from here.

Hope to see a positive change of attitude.


A few weeks back I caught you smoking red-handed. The issue was resolved with your words that no smoking in the future would be observed. Not too far but unfortunately, yesterday I caught you again doing the same. I had earlier warned you about smoking in my house, but it seems you did not take it seriously.

Through this letter, I am warning you that the next time I see you smoking in my house I am afraid you’ll have to change the apartment and move to some other place. I am hopeful to see a positive change in you.

No smoking warning letter to tenant

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No Smoking Warning Letter to Tenant
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