NGO Partnership Request Letter

An NGO partnership request letter is written by those individuals or organizations that want to partner with an NGO. When an individual or a company can work in collaboration with a non-profit organization, it can get the required amount of funds to perform its main operations.

Why is an NGO partnership request letter written?

Many companies fail to collect funds for performing their basic operations. For instance, a school might need funds for giving free education to orphans. For this purpose, it will try to collaborate with the NGO. This way, it will be able to get funds as people give charities to NGOs with more trust and confidence.

How to write a request letter to the NGO?

Keep the following points in mind while writing this letter:

Make a request persuasively:

Every person who writes the request letter knows that the purpose of this request letter is to get approval for the request. Therefore, you must write it in a convincing manner.

Give reason:

After reading your request, the reader always wants to know the reason. Provide the reason as to why you want to have the association of an NGO for collecting funds.

Thank the reader for your consideration:

At the end of the letter, show some courtesy and thank the reader for considering your request in advance.

Read the sample request letters given below that have been written to an NGO for partnership:


This letter is being written to make a request to you for partnership. We are running a school (mention the name) in a rural area. The school is running completely on funds and we don’t take money from students because most of the students are underprivileged.

We have to pay the salaries to staff members and there are also many facilities that we are expected to provide to all those people who are directly or indirectly associated with the school.

We have given a call for charity several times but since the institute is new in the town, no one bothers with its call. Therefore, we have decided to work in collaboration with a non-profit organization that can help us work for this good cause.

Partnering with ABC School will benefit you in a number of ways since the school has a very impressive profile and educating others for free is a great cause to work for. We believe that it will bring so much pride and honor to you if you choose our school to partner with.

We know it is really hard to believe someone who is new in the town. However, we are ready to go to the lengths to win your trust and assure you that we will never make you regret your decision. Thank you so much for considering our request. We are looking forward to your kind response.


The purpose of this letter is to introduce our company to you and request you to partner with our company to help us fulfill our mission.

ABC Company is a specialized company in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has been operating under this name for more than 20 years. Our company has more than 20 branches in different cities of the country.

Recently our company has started a new project to provide free medicines to those individuals who lost their job due to the pandemic and cannot afford to pay their medical bills.

We require you to partner with us to help us meet the following goals:

  1. Collecting funds from across the world for the cause of helping poor
  2. Establishing a new project with a new name that can be recognized with its public services
  3. Implementing all those strategies that can help us get maximum charities.

We hope that you will consider our request.