Apology Letter for Fake Documents

Sometimes, an employee provides the company with fake documents. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes, an employee commits this crime to get away with the possible training that he might have to take in case he does not have a particular skill. So, he submitted a bogus certificate to prove that he is well-trained in that area. This is a very big crime, and no one tolerates it.

However, in some cases, the company lets off an employee if he is found guilty of this crime. If the employee sees that there is a chance for him to see forgiveness, he can send his apologies to his boss.

What is an apology letter for submitting bogus documents?

It is a formal letter of apology written by an employee when he has committed the crime of submitting fake documents. The purpose of this letter is to let the employer know that the employee is guilty of his actions and assures him that he will not repeat the same mistake again.

What to write in it?

The employee should first confess that he has committed the mistake of supplying fake documents when he was supposed to remain honest. After that, he can write a statement of apology to state that he is feeling remorseful for being dishonest and does not want to repeat this mistake again. The tone of the letter should remain professional from start to end.

Below are sample letters:


Please accept my sincere apologies for supplying false documents to the company. Last week, all the staff members were asked to submit their original documents of qualification for verification at any cost. I asked the manager to give me some time as I did not have my documents available to me. However, he refused.

I had no other option but to create false documents and submit them. Although the documents were false, I have made sure that all the details were right. Still, they cannot be verified.

I am really sorry for being dishonest, but I did not have any other option. I am not trying to give any justification and I will accept whatever punishment you deem fit for me.

I assure you that I will not do this again. Moreover, please allow me to arrange my original documents so that the company can verify them

I have always tried to remain honest and conscious of workplace ethics. I have been working in the company for like 2 years and you can see my track record to know more about my character and personality.

I never intend to escape from different situations. Please forgive me this time and give me another chance to prove myself. I will prove myself as a genuine person

I am looking forward to a kind response from you. Thank you so much for your support.


I am (mention your name), working in (mention the name of the department) as (mention your designation).

Yesterday, I received a reprimand letter from the company for submitting fake documents. I have been feeling so regretful since then. I am sorry for committing this shameful act. Please accept my sincere apologies and give me one chance to correct my behavior. 

I did not want to attend the training session starting next week because I wanted to visit my mother in my hometown. Therefore, I tried this dishonest way in order to escape from the training.

I know that no employee is supposed to act this way. I am ready to accept the punishment whichever you choose for me. However, forgiving is the best act of kindness that I expect from you. You can check my record and history to know about my character and reputation. I have never been mischievous before.

Once again, please accept my apologies. I am looking forward to your reply.