Complaint Letter to Recruitment Agency

If you have consulted a recruitment company for getting a job or for finding a candidate for a vacancy in your company and you have been mistreated or you found that the company is not living up to your expectations, you can write a complaint letter directly to the hiring company.

As a client of the recruitment company, you should know about all your rights and obligations. With this, you will be able to see when you have been exploited.

What is the purpose of the complaint?

People write complaints because they have an issue with the hiring company and they want it to be resolved. They also write this letter when they find that the staff of the hiring company is treating them discriminately. Some people choose to write a letter of grievance because they have been mistreated.

How to write?

Writing a complaint letter is a tricky job. Your main purpose should be to let the reader understand that you are not happy with a particular event that occurred lately and then mention that event. Below are some easy tips to follow:

State the purpose of the letter:

At the very beginning of the letter, the purpose should be stated. This way, the reader will come to know what made you write the complaint.

Describe the entire incident:

If you are writing a complaint based on an event that took place a few days ago, describe that incident in detail.

To know how to write an effective complaint letter, read these two sample letters given below:

Sample 1:

I am [NAME], writing this complaint letter on behalf of my company (mention the name of the company). This letter is being written to complain about poor services provided by your staffing company.

It has been more than a month since we requested you to find our company a cleaner. You promised to find a cleaner and for this, we paid you in advance. However, you never fulfilled your promise and kept us waiting.

Our company failed to find a cleaner and this was the reason why we chose your hiring company to help us. When I tried to contact you for this purpose, your representatives asked us to wait for more. After some time, they stopped entertaining my phone call.

I am very much disappointed by your behavior. I never expected such a non-professional attitude from a company like yours.

It is my request to you to please help me find a cleaner once again or refund me the advance payment I made to you since you have failed to provide me with the required services.

I would appreciate it if you reach out to me and resolve my issue as soon as possible.

Sample 2:

I am writing this complaint letter to draw your attention to this crucial matter of incomplete services that have been provided by your company. As per our deal with your recruitment company, you were supposed to hire 5 candidates in the administrative department for various roles on behalf of our companies. However, you have recruited only two people until now.

It has been more than 3 months since we struck a deal with each other and we also paid you for your recruitment services in advance. However, you could not provide us with complete services. We have tried to reach you so many times on the phone but no one entertained our phone call.  

We are so disappointed with the work you have done till now. With this quality of service, it would not be possible for you to win over your new clients and retain your old clients.

It is my humble request to you to please resolve the issue either by filling up three remaining positions or by giving us a refund for the rest of the services. We are looking forward to hearing from you.