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When your newborn has just arrived, he/she needs to go through an assessment to assess whether or not the baby needs further medical assistance. Usually known as the APGAR test, it evaluates the need for extra medical care for the baby. The test is usually conducted two times, the first one just after a minute of the birth and the other 5 minutes after birth. In case the second time around the scores is comparatively low, a third test is conducted ten minutes into birth.

This chart evaluates a baby’s appearance, responsiveness, pulse, breathing and muscle activity by giving scores starting from 0 (the lowest) till 2 (the highest) and then added.

This scoring is usually done by the nurse or a practitioner. If you baby scores a 7 to 10 in the first minute then he/she is good to go, a score between 4 and 6 means that your baby needs some help in breathing and a score of 3 and below means, your child needs immediate lifesaving help. Don’t worry if your child scores low initially, it does not mean that your child is not okay. Premature births and C-Section babies can score low and after the 5-minute test is good to go.

The five-minute test is conducted to check how well your baby is progressing. A score in-between 7 to 10 is normal and anything less than 6 means your baby needs some medical aid. Don’t feel low if your child doesn’t get the perfect 10, it is very rare that a baby gets 10!

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newborn APGAR scoring chart



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