Doctor’s Note for Fake Pregnancy

A doctor’s note for fake pregnancy is a document that serves as an evidence of an employee’s pregnancy. This note can be prepared by an actual doctor or it can be forged as well by the employee by including fake details. Whether real or fake, the doctor’s note is used as a conformation document to be submitted to the employer with the intention of seeking a leave or an off-time.

Sometimes, the employees attach the doctor’s note with their fake pregnancy papers to support their fake documents. As these notes are written by a doctor, this fact makes them significant and hence, can be used as support documents. At the same time, some employers, often, require a doctor’s note from an employee so that it can be kept in the employee file for any future reference.

Although the details may vary, the doctor’s note, usually, include the following information:

  • Name of the employee.
  • Name of the doctor and/or hospital.
  • Contact details of doctor or the hospital.
  • Date and time of visit.
  • Expected date of delivery.
  • Any other comments or information from a doctor, that may include pregnancy symptoms, care needed, rest required, etc.

Whether a doctor is writing it or an employee is forging it, a doctor’s note is very simple to make. There are numerous templates available online or in computer programs that can be modified as per the requirements of the doctor or the employee. Sometimes, a doctor prepares a general template and customize it for each patient based on their details.

If the doctor’s note is not forged and a real doctor makes a fake pregnancy document, his credibility can be questioned if the truth gets revealed. The hospital can even terminate the doctor to save its own reputation of providing accurate documents only. On the other hand, if the employee makes a fake doctor’s note, she needs to be careful about the details of the doctor and hospital included in it so that, her chances of getting caught are least.

Sample Doctor’s Note for Fake Pregnancy

To whom it may concern,

Ms. Emily Watson visited Wellness Hospital on 15th April 2019 at 3:00 p.m. I, Dr. William Smith, attended her and was informed by her that she was having nauseatic feelings for a few days. After examination and a few tests, her pregnancy was confirmed. Her expected due date is 11th October, 2019.

Her health condition is not good and she is quite weak. If she would not take bed rest for the remaining months till August, her and her baby’s lives are at stake. After delivery, the maternity leave would serve as a recovery period but right now, her body cannot do any physical exertion or stressful mental activity.

I request that you grant her the leave and excuse her from work for the rest of her pregnancy. If you need any other information, you can contact me at [Contact].


William Smith.

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