Breastfeeding Pumping Record Sheet

Many mothers use a breast pump to remove milk from their breasts and store it for later use. This method is usually used by mothers who are working women or who have to stay away from their babies for a short while. This milk is called expressed milk.

Making sure how much milk you have expressed helps to know how much the baby is consuming and how much he/she consumes. Keeping a breastfeeding pumping record helps mommies to record when and how much milk have they pumped.

A breastfeeding pumping record must document several things such as the quantity of milk that was pumped (you can record it with the help of the number of bottles you have filled), at what time was the milk pumped, when was the baby fed with the expressed milk and the total quantity of expressed milk. This information should be recorded in various columns to give it a neat and organized look.

Keeping a breastfeeding pumping record will help in knowing whether or not your baby is getting enough nutrition and relating it to the weight he/she has gained over time. The record will also help determine if your body is creating enough milk for your body and help detect any breastfeeding problems early on as well.

Take the breastfeeding pumping record every time you visit the pediatrician and he/she upon looking at the record will determine if your baby is growing at a natural pace and what measures need to be taken further on.

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Breastfeeding pumping record sheet

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Breastfeeding Pumping Record Sheet
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