Doctor Excuse Note Sample

Excuse Note Sample for Students, Professionals of Any Work Field

In every person’s life there comes a time when he/she is in need of an excuse letter from his/her medical practitioner. Hence this note serves a purpose of accomplishing leave from work activities, under some conditions. The condition maybe the individual is unable to move due to some injury, or the person is under medical attention for more than two days.

The medical excuse note is written in the name any individual who indulges in some work activities or even if he/she is a student in college or in university. This slip will help him/her to compensate for the absences occurred due to the accident or unhealthy state of the student. Same purpose will be served for the people indulged in professional life.

Medical excuse notes are simple in nature and are different from one issued slip from any doctor to another. It is merely an order from the doctor to whom it may concern that mentioned party is prescribed bed rest for the recovery.

The note will generally consist of the doctor’s name, address and phone number in case of inquiries, date of issuance the note, patients name, excuse from work, from a certain date to mentioned date, reason of absence, medical advice, and signature of the doctor.

This note may be presented by the employee or student at the time of recovery when attending the session, or simply the legal guardian or the parent can take this note to the organization of interest along with the application from the sufferer. This will content will make up for any inconvenience that might have been caused by the employee or the pupil.


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doctor excuse note template


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