Optometry Prescription Pads

Prescription pads are for those doctors and nurses who are licensed and authorized to prescribe medicine to their patients. The prescription pads are available in unique designs that can be used by doctors. Some doctors use general purpose prescription pads which contain many such fields which do not apply to their clinic or hospital.

The doctor has to sort through those unnecessary fields in the pads every time he is required to write the prescription which as a result, wastes so much time of the doctor.

What is optometry prescription pad?

It is a pad used by optometrist for prescribing different medicines, eye care accessories etc. This pad is different from the general prescription pad. The doctors who are associated with the optometry can make use of optometry prescription pad in order to look more professional.

A prescription issued by the optometrist should be different from the prescription issued by any other medical practitioner. There are certain fields which are only used by optometrist. These fields may not be available in the general prescription pad.

What are the benefits of optometry prescription pad?

The benefits of this pad for doctor as well as patient are:

  1. The use of optometry pad improves the quality of the clinical work of the doctor.
  2. The efficiency of the clinic is also increased with the use of this pad
  3. The prescription also keeps a record of what is being prescribed to patients. In this way, it keeps the database of all the prescriptions issued by the doctor.
  4. The use of prescription also reduces the risk associated with the complications caused due to any drug prescribed by the doctor. Furthermore, the risk of wrong treatment is also minimized.
  5. The optometry prescription pad is also very useful for the patient. He can keep all his prescriptions at one place and thus medical record is kept.
  6. In case of any side effect of the drug, the patient can sue the doctor and use the prescription as a proof.
  7. If the patient wants to purchase spectacles or lens, he will have to show the prescription to shop in order to get the spectacles suitable for his eyesight.

Optometry prescription pad template:

You will need an optometry prescription pad if you are working as an optometrist to prescribe the medicine and other medical instructions to your patients. The template can be customized easily so that the doctor can mention his name, phone number, and name of clinic, qualification of doctor, terms and conditions of visiting the doctor and a lot more, the name of patient etc.

The pad contains several fields to obtain the information about the patient’s eye such as cylinder number, sphere etc. There is a special section in the template where several recommendations by the optometrist to his patients are mentioned.

These recommendations are general and written with the intention to make the patient know certain things that he may not be aware of. The template automatically updates the date in the prescription which is very beneficial for the doctor.  

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