New Landlord Introduction Letter

When you purchase a property that is already in the possession of a tenant, you become that tenant’s new landlord. The tenant has never dealt with you before and does not know anything about you. So, you should introduce yourself to him.

A tenant has to interact with the owner of the property quite often, and it is not possible to remain unaware of the new landlord.  Therefore, the landlord must introduce himself so that the tenancy relationship can continue smoothly.

What is a new landlord’s introduction letter?

An introduction letter is the best way to introduce a new landlord to a tenant. In general, the old landlord writes this letter to the tenant, letting him know about the sale of the property and the new landlord. A new landlord should write the letter himself. No one can introduce him better than himself.

What does an introduction letter do for a tenant?

The tenant should know about the new property owner. There are lots of changes that are made after this transition such as a change in the tenancy agreement, terms and conditions of possessing the property of the landlord, and much more. This introduction letter ensures that the transition process becomes smooth.

What are the basic elements of the new landlord introduction letter?

Key elements of the introduction letter include:

Introduction of the landlord:

Since the purpose of this letter is to introduce the new property owner to the tenant, the introduction should be started as soon as the opening of the letter is written. In the introduction, the landlord can share his personal information.

Description of how much rent will be paid and how:

The rent amount to be paid by the tenant and the mode of payment should also be discussed with the tenant in this letter so that you don’t have to write another letter with these details.

Share your contact information:

The tenant will contact you after reading the letter from you. So, make it easy for the tenant to reach you. Provide your contact details.

Let the tenant know about the new tenancy agreement:

It is quite evident that you will sign a new contract with the tenant. Let the tenant know when you want to make it happen.

The sample letter given below is a useful piece of information for those who want to know how to introduce themselves to their tenant.

Sample letter:


Name of the tenant:
Contact details of the tenant,

Subject: Introduction of a new landlord [X]

Dear Mr. ABC:

My name is Mr. XYZ, and I am the new owner of the (mention property address possessed by the tenant). It is being informed to you that the change in ownership of the property has taken place on (mention the date). I am so glad to take over the new property and look forward to meeting you soon. Please read the following points as a piece of advice from your new landlord:

  1. I will issue a notification of the transition in property ownership soon with details regarding the lease agreement, information regarding general matters, and much more. If you have any queries, you can contact me at (give your phone number).
  2. I have read the prior lease agreement, and I would like to make changes to the security deposits. The rent amount, as of now, will remain the same. However, the mode of payment will be changed. You are required to pay the rent for the house by the 10th of every month.
  3. You are requested to write a request letter for continued occupancy of the land. After that, a new agreement of tenancy will be signed. The date of signing the new agreement will be November 1, 20XX. The details regarding the documents that will be required at the time of signing the agreement will be shared later.

If you have any questions regarding the above-mentioned points, feel free to contact me. I am also ready to meet you in person and discuss everything face-to-face. I am glad to be the new landlord of wonderful people like you.


Name of the new landlord

New landlord introduction letter

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