Missing Cash Incident Report Letter

It is a special type of letter in which you report an issue about the cash that has gone missing. It is usually written in a formal setting. People who are asked to deal with the money of an organization are required to report how and where they spend the money. So, it is also mandatory for them to report to the higher authorities whenever they learn that the cash, they had in their possession has gone missing.

How to write?

When you write this letter of the report, make sure you keep the following points in mind:

Give a complete description:

When you start the letter, let the reader know that you have lost the money. Discuss what happened and where you kept the money before it went missing. Also, specify who was authorized to access the money apart from you.

Give additional useful details:

After you have mentioned the main details, now come to adding those details that might help the reader understand what must have happened. For instance, if you have found scratches on the locker, mention it in the letter. The reader connects different dots to reach the culprit or the main cause of the money loss.

Give your personal opinion:

In such situations, the reader often gives value to your opinion. So, give your opinion regarding how you think the cash went missing and what might have happened.

Below are some sample letters to help you understand how to report lost cash.

Sample 1:

I am (mention your name), working in (mention the department name). My employee ID is (mention your id).

I am writing this letter to register a report about the lost cash that was in the locked drawer of my office. I am of the view that the cash was lost or stolen during the office break hours when I was in the cafeteria. My cash drawer is a safe place for cash and I always keep the cash in that drawer.

Last week, I kept my cash in the drawer after reaching the office according to the schedule. During break hours, I went to the cafeteria while my keys were with me. I did not check the drawer for the next few hours. When I needed money and I opened the cabin, I came to know that the cash was missing. There was no outsider in the office and I think that only people working in the company know where I keep my cash.

I am so surprised because I could never imagine that this could happen in my office. I believe that the cash was stolen from the drawer.

It is my humble request to you to please look into this matter so that we can find the real culprit. I want you to take serious action so that such incidents don’t take place again in the office.

I am so thankful to you for taking interest in my matter. I am looking forward to a kind response from you.

Missing cash incident report letter

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Sample 2:

The purpose of writing this letter is to register a report regarding the cash that is missing from the company’s cash drawer. I came to know about this when I saw the daily cash report. There were some discrepancies in the report which clearly show that the cash is missing.

I believe that one of the staff members who are responsible for maintaining cash is not taking their job seriously. They either mishandled the cash or stole it. I would like to request you to please look into this matter or conduct a probe so that we can come to know the underlying reason for the cash discrepancies. Such an incident will not take place again if the people responsible for it are taken to task. 

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Missing cash incident report letter

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