Memo to Staff for Timekeeping

A memorandum for timekeeping is written by the owner/manager of an organization in order to regulate the staff in their office timings and identify the importance of punctuality to them. The letter may ensure some necessary steps to be taken by each employee and what possible actions can be maintained if a staff fails to follow the regulations set up by the organization.

Sample Memo

To: All Staff members
From: [Mention Your name], [Designation]
Date: [Mention date]

Subject: Timekeeping adherence to Staff

Dear all,

The punctual behavior of an employee narrates his ethical values and job expectations for which he/she was hired. Yet failing to achieve it and reflecting tardiness can cause severe actions against a person.

Unlike in recent days, it is observed that punctuality is no more mirrored in this organization. I myself have been noticing indiscipline behavior regarding timekeeping among you all. Your attendance register suggests I improvise strict rules and reshape the company’s policy. Commitments and excuses can be catered occasionally but making it a habit can never be tolerated in a work environment. Although I believe that my staff has always shown a sign of hard work but lack of timekeeping would never make your work efficient.

I hope that everyone reading this memorandum will be proactive in finding a solution for your tardiness and reach the office at [Provide time] sharp. In addition, I expect you all to respect the office timings. If not, then I may take serious actions of misconduct regarding every employee. Try to prioritize your work and improve your morale.

Here are some rules that our management team reshaped and revised for punctuality for you to follow:

  • Complete your office hours which are [Provide hours]
  • Tardiness can never be appreciated thus a warning letter would be generated if a person is late after 15 minutes of reporting time
  • An absent would be considered as an unpaid holiday
  • Leave would only be accepted 2 hours before office timings. Although it is preferable to inform a day before
  • Pay will be deduced for an uninformed holiday(s)
  • Each employee would be monitored individually, and attendance registers will be checked on a regular basis
  • For a protocol: try to leave home early and take the routes which follow less traffic.

[You can improvise company shaped policies here]

You all are requested to read and follow these guidelines. Here onwards, if anyone fails to adhere to these rules, then I am afraid that your supervisors will not be hesitant in generating warnings on disciplinary actions and the company may proceed in the hiring of new staff. Don’t forget that time is money and serving the best of a person’s ability can win him the race.

You are expected to coordinate and maintain high discipline actions in this workplace.

I will be open to any queries. For that, you can contact me at [Provide contact details].

Name [Mention your name]

Date [Mention date]

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