Termination Letter for Theft

The letter of termination for theft, also known as ‘pink slip’, shall be sent in a notification for the employee that he/she has been fired from the company, and his services are no longer needed hereafter. This letter provides further details of salary and benefits and what legal actions are to be taken against the employee thus serving as a final notice without permitting the employee to collect his belongings or to cause any disruption. The employee may be permitted to file a dispute in court or in the organization itself.

Sample Letter

[Sender’s name]
[Name of Organization]

[Receiver’s name]
[Name of Organization]

Subject: Letter of Termination for theft

Dear [Receiver’s Name],

This letter provides official evidence of your termination from this company [Write Name] as a [Employee Designation] because of your theft as highly intolerable misconduct.

On [Mention Date], the company’s surveillance cameras caught you off-guard stealing the most highly confidential testimonials of this company. Upon investigating and finding some evidence proves, we came to know that you didn’t have any permission nor any authority to gain access to those documents. Thus, upon conducting a formal meeting with higher authorities and Human Resource Management, we concluded terminating you from this company.

At the time of your appointment as an employee, a handbook of Terms and Conditions was presented which clearly stated the code of conduct and termination cases. Looking upon your circumstances, this was certainly a highly unethical act and a gross violation of the code of conduct.

For the defense of this company, we may have acquired some authentic proves and witnesses who will justify your theft in front of the management staff and the court. Your last payment from this company will be delivered on [provide date] via bank transaction and the remaining benefits such as health, security, unused pay leave, etc. will be provided with it. You are requested to return the company-owned properties [Mention if any: credit cards, laptops car, plot, etc. by the due date: [mention date]

Furthermore, another inquiry would be formed in order to provide proof to the court. Any notice related to the lawyer’s information or the court itself would be emailed on further dates. Keep in mind that this act isn’t reversible so the further delay of termination will not be catered. Although you have a right to appeal both in court and to the Human Resource Department, for that you can contact [contact]. Any further queries about your salary or possessions will be entertained by [Mention the Personal].

You are requested to leave this company in the provided time [Mention time] and expect your belongings (salary etc.) by the end of this month. Note that this termination is immediate. We will see you in the final inquiry meeting, on which afterward you can head towards your office and collect your belongings.

So, upon this termination, we hereby declare you a non-member of this organization.


Dated: [Letter date]
[Your name]
[Your Signature]

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